Saturday, September 15, 2012

Magnets to the MAX!!!

Did a bit of hobbying this week while I was working on my Russian Coalition models.  I bought the new Cygnar Heavy Jack Kit  and inside it contains all the pieces to assemble either a Centurion, a Hammersmith, or an Avenger.  As you can see there are a lot of bits to the model.  For those of us who have a grip of magnets from K&J Magnetics however, it has all the parts needed to assemble all of three Warjacks!!!  Oh the joys of magnets.


I choose to go with just one set of shoulderpads vs. swapping them in an out.  The shoulder pads were a bit tight and didn't fit very least not until I applied a subtle amount of pressure with the assistance of some clamps.  If I buy another kit, I'll use the other shoulder pads to help tell them apart.  The idea of jack-bulleting a pair of Hammersmiths across the board is pretty darn tempting

All of the arms and all three heads are magnetized.  I added guide pins to the left arm which holds the Centurion's Piston Spear and to the hand that is holding the spear.  The spear on the plastic Centurion compared to the metal Centurion is much more appropriate in scale and also rather un-wieldy with just a magnet holding it in place.  I am debating adding guide pins to the Avenger's sword and the Hammers...but as of yet, I don't think I need to.  Once I get a few games in with the model, this decision may change.




Back to working on more TFT (tiny flyer tokens) for the Russian Coalition

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