Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WTF!!! I have a Pocket Super Star Destroyer!!

Holy Craptastic Crap Batman!  What the crap! WTF!  SERIOUSLY!  

Okay now that the minor freakfest is over with it is time to move on to the matter at hand…DYSTOPIAN WARS! Well let’s be honest it isn’t that amazing but still.  So Joel and I are working to paint up our respective Fleets for Dystopian Wars before NorCon. 

All in all, I am making some good progress so far.

My tiny flyers are almost all finished.  Horray!

I finished up my Aristotle Class Battleship.  Of course like I said last week; Quick, Dirty, and Tabletop worthy was the goal.  I feel that I have met that goal rather well so far.  It is rather simple scheme.  Adeptus Battlegrey basecoat, a wash of Devlan Mud (Why didn’t GW invent this stuff sooner!), a dry brush of Adeptus Battlegrey, a dry brush of Codex Grey and done!  Of course on a 1/1200 scale model you are going to make some mistakes but!!! Tabletop worthy!

I also finished up the three Plato Class Cruisers in the fleet as well.  Same method again for the hull, plus I picked out some of the engine details with Scorpion Green on top of a Dark Angels Green basecoat.  On some of the filigreed areas I just picked them out with Shining Gold to help break up the rather military grey paint scheme on the models. 

Also I haven’t painted up the turrets yet and probably won’t until the very last finishing step of the fleet.  They are pretty damned tiny and I am going to need to magnetize a dowel to use as a tool when I do paint them up. 

I have one of the nine Diogenes Class Frigates painted up as my test model, with eight more to go and my Pericles Class Fleet Carrier to paint.  Everything is painting up pretty quick so I figure pending crazy insane things happening I should have most of it painted up in the next week or so.  Of course work has been stupid busy for the past two weeks so not making any promising.

Speaking of promises…I opened up my mouth and committed myself to another 500 points for the Badab Wars hosted by Aaron P. for NorCon this year.  DOH!  Painting up Space Marines…yellow Space Marines with hearts and checkers and…and…and…dear god, what did I get myself into again.  Actually as bad as I am making it sound, for a cool 1000pts of Lamenters all I need to paint up is a ten man Assault Squad and either a Sanguinary Priest or a Rhino.  It doesn’t seem like much but with what I painted up last year it is going to be pretty nasty. 

Malakim Phoros, Chapter Master of the Lamentors
5x Death Company
-          Jump Packs
-          Power Sword
-          Power Fist
-          Infernus Pistol
-          Plasma Pistol
-          Abraxas (converted Lemartes) 
Death Company Dreadnought
-          Magna Grapple
10x Assault Squad
-          Two Hand Flamers
-          Sarge has twin Lightning Claws
Rhino or Sanguinary Priest

Seems like a pretty solid list for me.  Lots of quick heavy hitters.  So again my poor Blindwater Congregation is getting pushed behind another painting project…sigh.

On a good note, my Spartan Games Battlefoam Bag (Link can be found HERE) has gotten ordered and should be in my grubby little mitts soon! Can't wait!  AND!!!!!!! my Winsor & Newton Series 7 Miniature brushes just showed up today!  Of course...$40 for four brushes and some brush restorer/preserver is still kind of a kick to the nuts but I am happy that I have them.

Anywho...until next time! 

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