Monday, January 2, 2012

Quick, Dirty, and Tabletop Worthy!!

Breaks Over!  Back to work!

Yeah, that time has come again for me to start posting on a regular basis not like I haven’t been but I did take an extra week off for the holidays.  It was a nice break.  Nothing crazy happened except Christmas! And a Dremel 4000 with loads of attachments!  That is right!  I be cutting MDF Board with a small hand held power tool and 3500 RPM!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ph33r m3!!!!

So in case you are wondering, no I haven’t exactly been idle over the Christmas Season.  I painted up a Dwarf Lord from the Warhammer Fantasy line for a D&D Game I am in.  I also cut out a few templates (with the circular cutting attachment for my Dremel 4000!) which I will be turning into swamp templates for my Blindwater Congregation army, and I started painting up my Covenant of Antarctica Fleet after Joel and I had a friendly game of Dystopian Wars.  As you can see lots of little things. 

Joel and I have agreed to have our Starter Fleets plus Aircraft Carriers painted up NorCon.  Honestly it shouldn’t take a terribly long time to paint them up.  First off the scale is 1/1200 so they are super tiny and while they are packed full of detail I have absolutely NO intention of painting each individual rivet, wooden board, and window on those models.  Base coat, wash, drybrush, maybe some highlights, pick out a few metallic details, done!  In the course of one evening of painting I got all of the woodwork done on my Battleship, Fleet Carrier, and three Cruisers.  I am going to test out the hull paint scheme on one of the nine Frigates I have and if I like it…apply it to the rest of the fleet. 

Don’t get me wrong; I applaud those painters that take the time and effort to make their Dystopian War models look gorgeous, but that isn’t what I am going for this time around.  I want a painted fleet on the table.

Quick, Dirty, and Tabletop Worthy is my goal!! 

Joel and I have also both agreed to purchase a second Starter Box of a different nation and a Fleet Carrier (not sure on the Aircraft Carrier but I am presuming we will since both of us did that last time, and I know Jon did as well) once our first set is all painted up.  I’ll be getting the Britannia Starter while Joel is going to get the Empire of the Blazing Sun Starter. 

At any rate while on break I cannot be accused of having idle hands.  I’ll be posting pics of my progress on my fleet next week.  The gators will just have to be patient a little while longer.  I am sure they understand. 

P.S. oh yeah I also got Elder Scrolls: Skyrim so that has been chewing up a good chunk of my free time as well.  

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