Monday, November 7, 2011

And the rambling starts again.

If I had to use a word to describe myself as a painter and gamer it would have to be ‘scattered.’  I really can’t manage to stick to any one project/army/faction/ for a very long time.  Maybe ‘Game ADD’ or ‘Faction ADD’ would be a better description.  Let’s examine the armies I have played for 40k.

Space Marines – Pick a chapter, I have probably played and painted a small portion of it, Eldar, Orcs
Tau.  I have owned figures for just about every army.  Painted up quite a few and sold most of them off.  I am currently in possession of a Blood Angels Army (painted up or will be…maybe as the Lamenters).

Now let’s see what I own for Warmachine and Hordes…started with Cygnar, sold them off, got back into Warmachine, got back into Cygnar, bought Circle Orboros, sold Circle Orboros, bought Retribution, sold Retribution, bought a smattering of Mercs, I know own a sizeable Merc Army and can field a Highborne Covenant List or Searforge Commission, I have enough models to field a Khador Mangled Metal list, and I own a Blindwater Congregation Army which I tried to sell but it didn’t sell so now I am buying more models for it and playing it. 

Yeah…that was one huge run on sentence, and I am proud of it. 

Now where does this rambling lead to, simply put I like the models as much as the game so I want to play all of them, especially with Warmachine.  I am not denying that I haven’t been feeling the 40k bug lately as in the past few years not for lack of trying…or the 2 Space Marines armies that I have picked up and or sold off.  I think I need to pick a Faction and stick to it.  The Necrons came out last week and they are pretty sweet looking but a part of me looks at how long it took GW to update their codex and I cringe on the inside.  3 Editions later and the Necrons finally get an update…at the end of this edition’s run.  So 3 more editions later and they might see an update?  Hmmmm…I like the figures, they are sexy, the new Codex is very nice but not sure I want to put a ton of investment into an army only to have it fall by the wayside in short order. 

Space Marines…ugh…to much bouncing around on my part with Space Marines.  I don’t think I want to ever want to play Space Marines again, I am sure that I will, eventually, but not for a while, please refer to the second paragraph.  Orcs were fun…to many models though.  Tau…meh.  Guess that leaves Chaos or Eldar again.  I have never really had an interest in Imp Guard but I do really like the varied aspects of the Eldar.  The Eldar were actually my very first army way back in the 90’s and 2nd Edition Warhammer 40k.  I bought the Eldar Battleforce when they last released with special edition Autarch and then sold it off for my new again Cygnar army, though I kept the Autarch.  Now I am actually debating painting up the three Eldar Figures I have; Maugan Ra, the limited edition Autarch, and the Bone Singer (From the Dawn of War RTS Game). 

Of course this will have to wait until I finish painting up some Blindwater Congregation, some Searforge Commision, and some Cygnar, maybe a few Khador models.  Hahahaha, I say that now but we all know how ‘scattered’ I get.

Anywho, no pictures this week.  The Basher is almost finished so I should have something to show for it next week.  I might take a brief moment to paint up the two Boneswarms I got since I don’t see them as being terribly time consuming to paint, but since I am out of black primer, they may have to wait until I can get more. 

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  1. i envy your gamer ADD a little. My ADD manifests in various hobbies, all of which are time consuming and eventually expensive. I wish my only problem was picking a faction. Instead, I have a closet full of half-completed hobby projects that range from miniature games i started and never finished, to exercise equipment left unassembled in my garage, to partially completed suits of armor.