Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I know I am a bit late on the post this week.  I have been closing at work and that means that in the mornings I am taking care of my little girl.  She has decided that she wants to gobble up most of my attention and I can’t say that I am disappointed by this.  

I did finish up the Basher, and like the Avalancher I just don’t quite feel like it is finished yet.  There is some extra detail that I need to add to it for ‘completeness’ sake.  I want to put some sort of nose-cone art on the Basher but I am not really certain on what I want to do.  For the moment, I am going to call the Basher done at least until I can figure out what else I want to do to it. I am also waiting till I finish a few more models before I put the tufts of grass on the bases for the models.  I know I am not going to need a lot to add a nice touch but I am still leery about ruining the finished models I do have.  Only one way to find out and that is of course going to be just gluing the grass in place.

So far, I think the Basher was the most challenging piece I have had to paint up for the Searforge Commission.  The Driller, the Avalancher, and the Gunbunny were rather straight forward.  I knew which parts needed to be done up in metals and which parts needed to painted up in the green, with the Basher however I had to constantly go back to the picture on the Privateer Press website.  Also some of the angles just sucked to try and get my paint brushes into.  The Basher was fun to paint all the same and I can’t wait to toss it onto the field on Friday night and hopefully crush some face with it. 

I am however stuck in the mud at the moment.  My primer is all gone and I am staring at four figures that are crying out to be painted up: Durgan Madhammer, Brun Cragback & Lug, and a Grundback Blaster (not necessarily in that order).  I placed an order with Miniature Market ( since both of the local stores didn’t have the primer I prefer which is the P3 Primer.  Now I am waiting for it to show so that I can resume my painting. 

I will probably end up working on Brun & Lug honestly, since they will be included in my 35pt list for this Friday.  I was hoping to have the unit of Highshields I traded for or Bartertown but due to some ‘issues’ they won’t be showing up till after the Campaign Night and Tourney.  Not that I am worried of course, as long as I am painting something then I am making progress. 

Once I finish painting up Brun & Lug I have a decision to make. 

Do I keep painting up the Searforge Models or do I take a break from the Rhulfolk and start working on my Blindwater Congregation again.  Either way I am painting up models that I really enjoy looking at and also really enjoy playing (got in a game with my gators and had a blast, my buddy posted the battlereport on his blog which can be found here).  I had a really fun time doing all sorts of gator-throwing shenanigans…I didn’t win the game but I did have a gator-chucking good time. 

Guess I have as long as it takes for me to paint up Brun & Lug to figure out what I want to do. 

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  1. you paint faster than i can believe. I am ready for bed about an hour before my children, maybe that has something to do with my inability to paint more than once or twice a week.