Monday, October 10, 2011

Gunbunnies a go go! Well, Gunbunny...

Yup…I finished a Gunbunny.  Impressive I know.  Ph33r my l33tn3ss!!  Watch out folks…this gunbunny is gonna wreak some face!  Anyway, moving on.  I finished up the first Grundback Gunner and got him mounted on to the Dragonforge base. 


One of the folks on the Privateer forums suggested a bit of flocking and I agree, while I like the bases color scheme they do happen to be a bit plain.  Joel gave me an idea for doing little tufts of yellowed grass sticking out of the cracks.  Not a lot, just a few tufts here and there to add that extra touch to the base while keeping it as rock-like as possible.  Now I just have to go and buy the flocking I need. 


Unfortunately that is going to have to wait until next month as I have blown my discretionary miniature budget for the month and I think next month is going to see me purchasing either Brun Cragback and Lug or a full unit of Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps and the Officer.  Obvious Brun and Lug are a bit cheaper but I guess it just depends on what I put into the list. 


Enough rambling I suppose.  As with all of the Warjacks in the army, I kept up with the ‘toothy maw’ theme I have going.  At first I painted a top and bottom row of teeth but it just ended up looking like a red and white diamond pattern, so I scrapped that and painted the outside teeth all longer and vampire-like so as to inspire fear in the enemy. 

Of course realistically (hahaha, fantasy game…nothing real about it) the Gunner stands all of 4’10” tall, according to the FoW: Mercenaries book, while the Driller is at 11’6” tall, so really the Gunner is an ankle-biter.  Not that it hasn’t put a few boosted Pow 12’s into its fair share of enemy models and earned its 3pts back just about every game. 

And back to reality I go.

I am currently working on the Ghordson Avalancher and I am hoping to have it close to finished by next week.  I have been pinning together the Horgenhold Forgeguard so they have gobbled up a bit of painting time but I have made solid progress so far and hope to keep up that trend.

Until next week…

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