Monday, October 17, 2011

Every day I'm Shufflin'

Well my plan to put the varnish on the model today failed.  When I was getting ready to spritz the model I realized I needed to add a layer of high-lighting to the gold and that I needed to add some wash to the bolts on the shield and I needed to add a few big teeth to the bottom and…and…and…


I am going to add a few touch up details to the model before I apply the finish.  I was already debating adding the bottom teeth anyway.  I suppose I should have just listened to that tiny inner voice that told me it was a mistake to glue the model together.  BUT instead I squashed that tiny little inner voice in my excitement to drill more tiny holes in the model and pin the chest on the chassis! 


I don’t think it will take me very long to do the touch up work. 

Again these models are pretty easy to paint up.  Don’t get me wrong, 2/3rds of any warjack you paint is pretty much done with metallic and seeing as how I have not even attempted to do the NMM (Non-metal-metallics) I have a sure-fire easy 3 step process to great looking aged metal. 

Step One: Prime model black
Step Two: Paint metal areas with Tin Bitz
Step Three: Drybrush boltgun metal

As if you didn’t see that one coming.  I have only been talking about it for who knows how many posts.  At any rate, I have been doing a bit more than just painting the green on.  Of course the color of primer makes no big difference but because I am trying to paint up the models a tad quicker, I am using a black primer (so much more forgiving than white) followed by a layer of Gretchin Green Foundation Paint (GW), a wash of Devlan Mud (GW), a coat of Traitor Green (P3), and then edge-highlighted with a mix of Traitor Green and Bleached Bone. 


I also really want to do something with the shield. I think to continue along my ‘nose art’ scheme with these guys I am going to put kill markers on the shield.  Now I just have to figure out what type of kill marker to use.  I’ll probably end up going with a bullet silhouette marker for each kill or a bullet silhouette and hash marks.  I got the idea when I was cruising Google Images and saw all the bomb markers on the nose cones of the WWII Bombers. 

Either that or that shield face is going to become one large set of chompers.  All pearly white and ready to bite! 

So now next week I should have up a finished picture of this guy and hopefully I will be on my way to finishing up another gunbunny, this one of the Blaster variety.

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