Monday, September 12, 2011

May the anvils never fall silent!

One more model down and three more to go! I am really gunning hard to make sure that I have my 15pt lists painted for the campaign night on the 23rd. I finished up Gorton and I got him sealed. Now, the only thing I am waiting on are the bases I ordered from I placed the order on the 6th and the sculptor says it is a 7 to 10 day delay to get everything sent out. I have a few more days, so I don’t know if I will have the bases in time for the campaign night but that doesn’t matter because the painting can’t stop!


I started laying paint on to the Driller Heavy Warjack. Pretty solid hunk of metal, on and off the table. It has the same speed as a Menoth and Khador Warjack but it can pack a pretty mean punch. Currently the model is in two pieces. I have glued (well I should say re-glued) the arms, legs, and body together. I left off the chest piece because I wanted to make sure the entire chassis got painted and because I want to do some freehand one the chest piece and it will be easier to do without it glued to the model.


Again I started with my staple technique for doing metal. Tinbitz with a drybrush of Boltgun metal on top of it. Easily 3/5’s of the model is metal so within a few hours the metals are almost done. I know have to go in and pick out which parts I want to be done in the gold hue that I used on Gorton. When I do that it will take a bit longer because I no longer get to do the sloppy work. While I laying down the initial Iyundan Yellow layer, I’ll also put down the Gretchin Green layer on the armor plates and probably wash the green with the Devlun Mud wash.


I have to admit that these models are painting up rather quickly. I am putting all the effort into them that I have in previous models with the extra step of washing the model to give an additional layer of shading. I am highlighting the models and try to do little extra things with them but even with all the extra things happening this little project is still going pretty quickly…for me at any rate. Remember I am the world’s slowest painter after all.

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  1. Dragonforge, best thing since squeeze bottle mayo.