Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello, is there a Dentist in the house?

Okay scream at me now, I deserve it. I am a day late on posting up my painting progress for the week. Now to answer your question, yes I have made progress. I am almost finished with the Driller. All I need to do is do some highlighting on the edges and then seal the model and he is done. As you can see I decided to paint on a toothy-filled maw onto the guy before I did the highlighting. Not really sure why but I did. Photobucket I am super excited though! My order from Dragonforge.com shipped yesterday. I am hoping that it shows up this week but I know I won’t have it ready for Friday Night’s campaign. It is okay but I was really hoping to have them in time. I know that Jeff ta Dragonforge.com is just one guy doing all the work so I guess I can forgive him…this time! That man has my respect to do what he does as a full time job (at least I am guessing at that is all he does) Photobucket I am looking forward to Friday Night’s campaign games. I am coming in as an underdog with my list…well not really. Any list can beat any other list in Warmachine and Hordes…some lists are just a bit tougher to crack than others. I talked with one of the guys who is showing up Friday Night and he is bringing the Speed/Crack that is Legion of Everblight. Now in and of itself that isn’t a bad thing, however he is bringing Thagrosh, a Carnivean, and Angelius. Dear God! Not another one of those crazy ass lists that is just going to be a holy terror at low point levels. I was hoping to avoid any more Karchev-overpowered stupidity at low point levels…well I supposed there is no Karchev this time around but I don’t think Thagrosh is any better. At least I’ll have fun trying to crack that list with a new army.

I have gotten in one game with Gorton now and while I lost the game due to a bad damage roll (CURSE YOU DICE GODS!!!) I did realize that Gorton is a bruiser as a Melee Caster. He only has five focus and really needs to have a few of his ‘jacks marshaled but at 15pts I’ll take what I can get. Also…I don’t own to many other Rhulic models (yet) and so I am using what I have. I like my odds of winning more than a few games on Friday Night. I just have to be smart in how I play my list. Speed lists will give me some grief and the Thagrosh list is going to be a challenge but I think I can take it.  

All in all as long as the games are fun, win or lose, I am happy.

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  1. pThagrosh, a Carnivean, and an Angelious are incapable of holding control points. 3 models is a fail list in scenario play. I shall remedy this by adding two units for our 25 point games next month.