Monday, September 26, 2011

Drilling deep

The first evening for the Slow Grow Campaign kicked off with 8 people showing up for the night, including myself.  There were also two folks who could not participate that said they would like to jump in on the next 25pt night and another who was off camping with his family.  Color me impressed.  I was not expecting that many people to show up.  I am by no means complaining about it.  I think it is great!  The night started off earlier in the day actually when I called up Chris and requested 18 feet worth of table space in the front room of the shop. 

Two of the participants actually showed up a bit early and laid claim to the tables any way so I guess it all worked out any way.  We got started a bit later than I would have liked but that didn’t prevent folks from getting in at least three games, if not more.  I was only able to stay till around midnight due to a special little girl getting me up early and I did have to go in to work on Saturday as well.  I talked with Scott and he said folks stayed playing till around 1am. 

That rocks!  The next campaign night is on October 21st and will be at the 25pt level.  On a side note, I sold off the last bits of my Retribution of Scyrah which allowed me to purchase Thor, an Avalancher, and two Grundback Blasters.  So guess I am in for a pinch in for a pound kind of thing with the Searforge Commission.  For my 25pt list I am going straight Searforge Commission and will have Gorton, a Driller, a Ghordson Gunner, a Ghordson Blaster, a full unit of Horgenhold Forge Guard, Thor and his marshaled Avalancher

I have to say that I have really enjoyed my games with Gorton Grundback and Co. so far.  While I only won one game out of my three I have to say there is a ton of potential.  I won via Scenario/Objective, lost by Scenario/Objective, and lost by assassination.  The fact that the army is tough as nails is nice.  I am used to squishy infantry and ranged jacks (by choice).  The Searforge Commission is anything but that.

Their infantry is fairly easy to hit but most of the infantry is rocking a 16+ ARM via Defensive Line or Shield Wall.  Both Units of infantry also have ranked attacks for great screening/speed bump/tarpit potential.  The Heavy warjacks are easier to hit than a Menoth or Khador warjack but have a 19 ARM themselves and plenty of damage boxes to go around.  Also…and call me odd for liking this but they are all fairly plain in regards to special abilities and attacks.  Don’t get me wrong Rhulic warjacks have their fair share of nifty goodness but compared to Cygnar they are ‘utilitarian’ just like their fluff describes them. 

The moment of the night was when my Driller gutted a Skrone Gladiator Heavy Warbeast with one round of attacks.  He had some help from Gorton and his spell, Strength of Granite, but I don’t think I have ever completely boxed something in one hit with a Cygnar Heavy.  I might have but I don’t remember.  I charged in the Driller after popping Gorton’s feat to drag it into range (and off of a control node) and then swung in with its drill arm (which has sustained attack) and rocked it for a fair amount of damage, then the grappler arm swung in and hit for over 30 damage, two focus later and two more 25+ damage from the Drill arm equaled a gutted Skorne Gladiator. 

Well anyway, I am off to work on the bases that I got from Dragonforge.  Next week I’ll have up completed pictures of the bases and their attached figures. 

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