Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Warmachine: Wrath

I figure it is time for me to at least make an attempt at writing in my plog/blog again. I know it has been a few months and so I look at myself as an abject failure as far as being faithful blogger to the 7 followers I have.

Finding 30 minutes to write up a post sometimes is the most difficult thing in the world. I never realized how much crap I put on my plate. Two jobs, two kids, wife, working on a 7th Sea Campaign, writing characters for our LARP down at DunDraCon (sometimes), wargaming every other Friday, RPG Night every other Saturday night, playing entirely too much Xbox…you name it the list could possibly go on and on.

I know that there is a lot of ‘free time’ activities in my lists and that once a week I could take a few moments to write up something quick, and that is what I am going to try and do. So I make a solemn vow here and now: To the best of my abilities I will attempt to post at least once a week to this blog. Please, everyone, take this with a grain of salt but I will try.

So here we go.

Man, I love Warmachine and I don’t care if I am the only one that still shows an active interest in this town or that I am the only one that really got super excited about the release of Warmachine: Wrath.

FYI, the fiction is awesome and I highly recommend reading ALL of the fluff from Prime Mk. II and all of the Forces of Warmachine books before reading the fluff in Wrath.

Two things happened for me with the release of Wrath. I can now play a Knightly Orders Theme Army thanks to a new Knight of the Prophet Warcaster, Constance Blaize, her character warjack, Gallant (both have already been ordered thru the Armory), and Archduke Alain Runewood (a Sword Knight Solo).

In Mk. II, the Sword Knights got hit with the nerf bat pretty hard. They lost a ton of great abilities that pretty much made them an auto-include in just about any list. I love those little guys. Now they are super cheap; 6 points nets you a unit of 10, 8 points if you grab the unit attachment, add in Runewood (3 points in case you are wondering) and now you have a Unit that gets ‘Jack Marshall, Defensive Line, Flank, Penetrating Strike, Practiced Maneuvers, , Precision Strike, AND Reform. You get all that for a mighty 11 points. I am not even taking into account the other stuff that Runewood does on his own.

That is 2 points cheaper than a full of Trenchers plus Unit Attachment…1 point cheaper than a full unit of Longgunners and Unit attachment; and on top of that you can have two units of Sword Knights (only one unit attachment thou) for 17 points total…and both units benefit from Archduke Alain Runewood’s abilities. Phew that is a lot of ‘and’s

BUT SERIOUSLY HOLY SHIT BALLS BATMAN!!! That is a ton of little melee guys running around with a HUGE ass utility-belt full of abilities

Toss in the mix two units of Precursor Knights + Unit Attachment (Go go Constance’s Tier) along with a Journeyman Warcaster, and another heavy ‘Jack and that is just about 45 models on the board…all with pretty solid Melee Abilities. So happy! Sooooooo happy! Can’t wait to play this Army.

The second reason for me that happened with Wrath is my love of the 9 point ranged ‘Jack and I get another one. Yeah I know Cygnar usually pays more for their ‘Jacks because of “their superior technology…blah blah blah” but I just got a 9 point ‘Jack (or will have two of them when the Kit releases) based on the Centurion Chassis (one of my favorites by the way). This guy is an absolute badass mofo that is going to make the local meta (me and myself) cringe when I bring this bad-dog to the table and start firing off Range-10-Direct-Hitting-Power-14-Earthquake-shells from its sweet ass looking Seismic Cannon!!! A SEISMIC CANNON!!! And a Pow 18 Sword that causes the Stall Effect.

OH DEAR SWEET JESUS!!!! I just popped a chubby thinking about this thing and some poor kitten just died somewhere….

Go go Utility Jacks, good in at Melee and at Ranged

Quick Lesson in 9 point Ranged ‘Jacks that Cygnar has:

Defender – Reach out and Touch someone with a pow 16 howitzer shell
Cyclone – Dual Chain Gun Wielding Board Controlling craziness
Avenger – Who says sit-down-shut-the-f-up-and-don’t-go-anywhere for a turn or two…

Now imagine if you will, Kara Sloan running one or two Defenders and an Avenger, supported by Gun Mages, Rangers, the Black 13th, Holt & Aiyana , and Reinholdt…and you have just seen the vast majority of my future lists.

Earthquake to knockdown the screening models, and allow for Kara to line up 3 Weapon Master pow 12 hits on an enemy Warcaster followed up by 2 shots each from some Defenders and two more shots from an Avenger. Oh boy…another chubby…be right back.

Okay back…and another kitten has died.

Of course around here the people don’t like it when I line up shots with Kara Sloan and her battlegroup through that half a nanometer space between the bases…so a common saying has sprung into existence: Grant, these models are in Base-to-Base Contact!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Makes me laugh every time someone says that. Go Go LOS Rules and Volume Rules. If I can see your base, I am taking the shot…oh wait, now I get to knockdown your cover and get to see even more of your base?! EVEN BETTER!!!! Looks like I get to add even more names to the List of Honorable Dead

Bite me Base-to-Base Contact!

And I’m spent.

Until next time…

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