Monday, April 4, 2011

Painting ADD

As per my usual, it has been a little while since I have posted anything to the plog. The nice thing is…is that I am still painting. I have decided to put my Blindwater Congregation Army on hold. I know, I know…I said that I was going to continue to work on painting up my Blindwater Congregation Army while I was working on the Lamenters. I stopped for a few reasons:

1) The local meta has chilled to Warmachine/Hordes pretty considerably in the past few months. Occasionally there is a game but honestly, I got tired of waiting four hours for someone to show up that might have a Warmachine/Hordes army to play…hence why I picked up some 40k figs again. Most folks are playing 40k and as a Wargamer, I want to be able to play games myself.

2) I just don’t like the Fury Mechanics of Hordes. This is the 2nd Army I have bought for Hordes and there is something about the Fury Mechanic that I just don’t like. The models are beautiful, don’t get me wrong. Early game, Hordes is over-powered.; the ability to purchase a ton of extra attacks, or boost the attack/damage roll, or even the ability to shuffle the damage off to a Warbeast. It is all a part of the Fury Mechanic. Come late game however the Warlock loses a ton of hitting power due to the attrition game. My tactic against a hordes list is to drop the most powerful Warbeast first. This usually means the opposing player loses out on their high-fury Warbeast and there is an immediate draw down in power for the warlock. Rinse, Recycle, Repeat, and possibly by the second or third turn, the Warlock is down to a couple of fury a turn and is hampered by their lack of heavy hitters. Now the Warcaster starts to shine…getting focus every turn regardless of Warjacks on the board equals a Warcaster that has a constant utility and survivability through every turn of the game. Yes, losing a Warjack hurts but it doesn’t directly affected the Warcaster. However, losing a Warbeast directly affects the Warlock effectiveness by loss of fury generation and loss of a spell.

So I am willingly calling myself a liar. Sorry folks, hate to disappoint, but on the upside, I have been painting, in my typical, slow as a snail, painting method.

I finished my Death Company Dreadnaught and I am fairly pleased with the results. However, my freehand skills are well, sucky to say the least. I decided to do the Lamenter’s Space Marine Chapter because of the challenge it presented to my painting skills: Free-Hand, Yellow, Layering & Blending. So far I am up to the Free-hand part and it is pretty “bleh” to me. I know the saying that we are our own worst critic and oh yeah…I am mortified by my free-hand. It will get better as time progresses but I see this model and want to claw out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon and smash my face into a brick wall and then go run and hide in shame from my lack of free-hand skills. (sigh) BUT…I won’t and I am going to leave it as is and eventually go back and touch up after I have gotten a few more free-hand checks and hearts.

I have also put down quite a few layers on to Malakim Phoros, the Lamenter’s Chapter Master. I am to the point now where I am going to be doing up some of the small detail work and starting the cloak. I hope to have him finished by week’s end.

So until next time!

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