Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Completion Issues and Space Marines

Have you ever had an issue finishing a model?

Especially when it is a model you are just not too keen on painting? I am sure most of us have…and the model I am finishing up isn’t an exception to this little issue. First off let me preface this little statement by saying, I absolutely love Kara Sloan. I love her fluff, I love her spell list, I love her feat, and I love the assassinations I have pulled off with her…that being said, I really hate painting her model! The model is just boring to paint and she has been half painted for months. I figured I could take a little break from my Blindwater Army and finally finish painting up one of my three favorite Warcasters for Cygnar (the other two being Siege and Caine). I mean half painted and killing fools seems like an injustice to the model

All I am going to say is wow; I can’t wait till she is finished. Maybe it is her pose (not keen on the whole gun in the air pose) or that I have waited for so long, but I am finding that I am just trying to get her done as fast as possible. Really, this just means she will be table top quality, which is kind of a shame. I like having my ‘character models’ look better than the rank and file troops; as it should be, but I want her done and off my painting desk as soon as possible. Tonight, seems about right.

I must confess to a few things though.

A: I am going to be trading off/selling off about 2/3rds my Cygnar army in anticipation of the new Warcaster, Constance Blaize – Knight of the Prophet. I am going to get rid of the stuff I just don’t use. Cygnar to me equals Arcane Tempest Gun Mages and Knights (Sword & Precursor). The lighting theme is pretty sweet and I like the idea of Lightning Theme but I have never played that theme and I don’t plan on starting now. Give me guns, guns, a few more guns, with a side of guns, topped with a bit of guns. I have always liked the idea of the Precursor Knights and the Sword Knights. In the ‘Wrath’ expansion, both units are getting some lovin’! So stuff has to go to make room for the swelling ranks of Knights and Gun Mages

B: I am working on a Warhammer 40k Army for a local Campaign, the Badab Wars.I have recently purchased a Box of Death Company, a Storm Raven, a Blood Angels Dreadnaught, and Lamartes. They will be getting converted and painted up in the livery of the Lamenters Successor Chapter. I have to have the models painted and ready to go by the end of July. Even me, the world’s slowest painter, can do this.

So far I have converted Malakim Phoros, Chapter Master of the Lamenters (from Imperial Armor 9), using parts from the Death Company sprues, the Sanguinary Guard spures, and the Space Marine Commander spures. I also have the Storm Raven in three pieces as I am painting it from the inside out.

Now that having been said let me say this. I will still be working on my Blindwater Congregation Army. I have one of my Ironback Spitters primered up and ready to go and I am also going to be getting my Gatorman Posse ready for priming as well.

Now for a special treat!

I am proud to present you all with the first image of Malakim Phoros, Master of the Lamenters, Lord of Ruin, Watcher of the Deeps

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