Monday, February 28, 2011

One Blackhide Wrastler to go please. Thx!

Well it has been about a month since my last update. I got my glasses in…finally, which is sweet. I got pretty damned sick of not being able to see as I am sure you can imagine. That also meant that I no longer had any excuses to not paint.

That being said, I finished up my Blackhide Wrastler for my Blindwater Congregation list. I went with the studio theme of green. I don’t know why, but I like how the greens all work together. I am debating on doing up my next Blackhide Wrastler in the brown scheme like I put on Bloody Barnabas. I like the idea of separating the duplicate beasts by using browns instead of greens. Brown and green work rather well together as a theme so I have no doubt that if I do decided to switch it up the models will work well together, aesthetically speaking of course.

I did finally get in a game with the Gators and let me tell you that I pissed off the Dice Gods something fierce. Lacking dice, I grabbed the dice I use for my Cygnar lists. Nice opaque grey. They work well with my Cygnar which are painted up in the Fort Falk alternate scheme. Well…I should have known better, and yes you can say “I told you so!” Dear lord did those dice hate being used for the Blindwater Congregation.

I don’t even think I can claim average rolls that night. Needless to say when I needed them to roll well they didn’t. It was fairly typical for my dice to roll just under what was needed to hit a model and then if I did actually hit to roll a pip or two above minimum damage. And as if that wasn’t bad enough when I had to roll a Frenzy check, they box car’d…TWICE!!! Twice, with different warbeasts. Well one roll was an 11 and the other roll was a 12. And THEN to just add lemon juice to the wound, the dice rolled max damage to eat a Gatorman.

(hangs head in shame)

I can just imagine the conversation between the Gatorman and the Blackhide Wrastler right before the most horrible accident in Blindwater Congregation history took place.

Blackhide Wrastler: Hey Tom, how’s the clutch doing? I hear your lady pushed out twelve of those babies in short order.
Gatorman Tom: Oh yeah, man was she pissed. I was blamed for everything. Armageddon, Ragnarok, The Rapture, the kitchen sink being dirty! I seriously thought she was going to bite my arm off.
Blackhide Wrastler: Wow…sounds rough. Hey hold on, Bloody B wants me to go chew apart that Everblight chap over there.
Gatorman Tom: No worries, B can be a total ballbreaker I understand, do what you have to do bud.

(Scene deleted due to too much intense violence)

Gatorman Tom: Damn Bud, you tore that mofo a few new ones...Hey, wait a second, why do you have that look in your eyes? Calm down, just calm down!! NO NOT MY LEG!!! Aaaaarrrrgggh I only have one arm left!!!! Oh god, ma’face!
Bloackhide Wrastler: [frenzy attack: auto boosted for MAX DAMAGE, CARNAGE, AND DESTRUCTION!!!] NOM NOM NOM!!!! (burp) Tom? (looks around) Tom?! Hey Tom, where did you go. Meh, oh well. Seemed like a pretty nice fella.

Oh yeah, my Blackhide Wrastler did more damage than any other model in the game. Of course, he did that to one of my gatorman and pretty much ate the gatorman as a light snack...although I am fairly certain the Blindwater Congregation follows a gator-eats-gator kind of philosophy.

So while I was down at DunDraCon 35, I made sure to pick up some new dice to only be used for my Blindwater Congregation forces. Green Speckled and everything; I hope my choice appeases the dice gods.

Do you hear that Dice Gods! No more using the wrong dice! Now bless my damned rolls and let me rip the faces off of my opponents and win the rest of my games!!


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