Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Croc-Mas!!!

Merry Croc-Mas! (Just for you Mr. H, because I know you loved Happy Croctober)

Figured I would do a special edition update to my plog/blog. Christmas has been a blast. My entire family is in town. So my mom’s house is packed with my brother and his wife and their three kids; my sister and her husband and her two kids…then you add in me and my wife and our two kids and you can imagine the chaos that is ensuing at my mother’s house. All my nieces and nephews are great and it is always amazing to see Christmas through their eyes. This year my daughter got into the whole presents thing and enjoyed tearing all of the wrapping paper off the gifts, she also enjoyed the gifts as well but let’s be honest, the boxes are still the best presents. My son got a Nintendo DSi XL which I am already regretting buying him but one step at a time and my wife (who is an exercise fanatic) got one of those crazy heart-monitor-gps-tracking-make-you-a-cup-of-coffee-I-can-do-everything watches. I scored an IPod Touch (go go Ibodger) and of course the requisite Christmas cash, which as you can guess is a tie in to the title of this little post!

MORE CROCS!!! OH YEAH! So I now have a Blindwater Congregation list…which I have yet to play but that is but a small minor detail. I have no idea how it is going to work but I have a month and a half to prepare my list for the Tourney that is happening in February down at the Armory.

Blood Barnabas
Calaban the Gravewalker

Heavy Warbeast:
Blackhide Wraster (x2)

Light Warbeast:
Bull Snapper (x2)

Gatorman Posse, (unit of 5)
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

Croak Hunters (x3), finally got the little bastards after six weeks of trying to find them
Professor Victor Pendrake
Wrongeye and Snapjaw

So…again I ask, how does it work?

And again I will answer: I have no clue…but that is half the fun. I fully intended to lose a lot of games with this army while I learn the ins and outs of the lists; which synergies work best with which caster and how many of each warbeast to take. The nice thing about this particular faction in Hordes is that there are not a whole lot of models I can pull from, I suppose it could be a curse as well but hopefully Privateer continues to develop all of their factions (which they show every intention of doing). So my choice of models is limited and thus the main difference comes from the Warlocks and the flavor they bring to the lists. One of the things I like about Warmachine & Hordes is that even with the same list, each list will play differently due to the Warlock or Warcaster taken to head up the army.

With my Cygnar Army, I have sooo many choices…too many to be honest and in reality, I play a gun line. All guns all the time…this means that I can get typecast against some ‘casters in a bad way. Asphyxias or whatever his name is for Cryx who is the very much anti-range or now Bloody Barnabas. I have a bunch of models that will probably not see play anytime soon since I don’t care for how they work. Not that I am against the lightning theme that is Cygnar, I just like their Arcane Tempest Gun Mage theme more. Hence Allister Caine and Kara Sloan being my favorite casters (Fluff wise) and Major Marcus “Siege” Brisbane (cause he is just a bad-ass)

Now for Hordes I am playing an anti-ranged-all-melee Faction, at least for the moment, I am sure they will get a ranged unit or two later on. So my play style has to adapt and change to maximize how the Blindwater Congregation faction works.

I have enough models now to start playing and learning. As I get a bit more free money, I’ll slowly fill out my options and integrate the new units into my lists. I am missing a unit of Bog Trog Ambushers, a Totem Hunter, and a Thrullg. I am also missing the Ironback Spitter but seeing as how the model hasn’t been released yet I don’t know what it does (all things point towards a ranged heavy warbeast).

In the meantime, I am painting up (slowly of course) the models I do have and getting ready to trash other lists and subsequently get trashed by other players in preparation for February. I am even making swamp templates to represent the 3” swamps I get for playing the Blindwater Congregation and the 5” swamp from the “’Swamp Pit’ spell that Bloody Barnabas has. Yup…getting all fancy now with the new faction and getting in more practice with “Real Water” by Woodland Scenic. Until next time!



Oh yeah and on a side note. Tron: legacy is well worth seeing in the movie theaters and the Soundtrack is absolutely amazing and I can’t stop listening to it.


  1. Where did you pick up the Posse? Chris was saying you heard a rumor that they were discontinued... possibly as a prelude to a newer, better 5 man repack.

    My buddy, who is just getting into the game, is all over the Congregation as his primary faction. So I ask with an eye toward finding him some models to get playing.

  2. I had to search far and wide (online) to find the posse and ended up ordering just the unit box of three and then ordering the other two gatorman to fill out the posse separately.

    I was told by a sales guy at Spikeybitz that the box was discontinued at the Manufacturer level and I am speculating on the re-release of a 5-man unit box (similar to the 10 man Trencher Unit Box re-release)

  3. Hey man

    great work with those swamp templates, I hope you don't mind that i've borrowed some inspiration :)