Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Himself, Calaban the Grave Walker

Just finished up my Calaban and I am pretty pleased with the results. I know I could probably do tons better on him if I was more than just a part-time painter, but on the table top he looks pretty sexy. I liked the idea of painting up the two Warlocks for the Blindwater Congregation radically different.

I know you are supposed to have a prevailing theme through your army’s paint scheme but can’t them all being reptiles count? Well most of them at any rate, the Swamp Gobbers and Bog Trogs not withstanding…or the feralgeist or the Totem Hunter or Prof. Victor Pendrake but the rest of them are all reptiles.

Anywho I like how he turned out. I am especially proud of the glowing ‘crystal’ skull and the Voodoo Mask. The stupid thing is I got the colors for the mask from the Sen’jin Fetish vanity pet from World of Warcraft. I should hang my head in shame but they just worked so well together and I didn’t really care for the studio mask look. At least I am done playing WoW, nuff said on that one.

I finally put the front arc markers on my feralgeist. So figured I’d snap a few shots at the same time. He was all about getting drybrushed which is a fairly common idea with this faction so far. All of the shading and highlighting is done via drybrushing and washing. It makes for some pretty quick paint jobs. I finished up the feralgeist in about two hours if you count assembly, flocking, primer dry time, and then actually painting.

Now I have to decide what to paint up next. I have three Croak Hunters that arrived on Christmas Eve or I can work on getting the Warbeasts painted and finish out the battlegroup for my two warlocks or I can paint up the Gatorman Posse (which will be super easy…more drybrushing) or start in on Wrongeye and Snapjaw…so many choices and I am a super slow painter.

It amazes me how people will crank out six to eight hours of painting a night. I admire their dedication. I get in about an hour and a half, maybe two before:

A) My back starts giving me hell
B) I get bored and must do something else
C) I go play video games and kill stuff in a genocidal rage

Any amount of painting makes me a better painter and in the long run that is all that matters!

Peace out and see you on the flip side. I am off to go pimp slap the atmosphere

(In reality, I am off to bed. Night!)

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