Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Mad Bull Snapper that snaps at midnight!

Finished up my first light warbeast for my Blindwater Congregation army. Technically it is the second one I painted up. The first Bull Snapper met a grizzly fate in vat of Castrol Super Clean engine degreaser as I stripped all the paint off of it because I totally screwed it up. It was a pretty sweet paint job and I figured I would just do this one more thing and it would be totally awesome looking...

Well 'one more thing' turned into like three more things and the sweet looking albino bull snapper turned into poo. So I stripped it and started over in the more 'traditional' scheme.

The only thing I hate about taking photos of my minis is that when you use the macro function on a see EVERYTHING. When I hold the mini it looks pretty clean and then you take a picture and it looks like a ton of extra stuff got added to it. Oh well.

1 comment:

  1. AMEN to the macro setting. Pull it back about 8" and it looks a little less "harsh".

    But in all honesty you do not have anything to complain about. Your crock has clean lines and great detail work.