Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bloody Barnabas the Crocadile

Well it has been over a month since I last posted an update or blog of some sort (Yeah, yeah, Scott, I hear your grumbling). Not that I have been idle with my time; it is more along the lines that I have had so many other things that I have been doing. Between starting up the creative prep work for the TIAT Productions LARP down at DunDraCon, playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, painting up Bloody Barnabas and Calaban the Gravewalker, stupid extended hours at work and planning world domination…my poor plog has been sorely neglected.

First off I suppose, is that I have indeed finished Bloody Barnabas. I even have him glued to his very scenic swamp-like base. I am pretty happy with how he turned out. I went with a ‘crocodile’ scheme vs. the green-gator studio theme and I even posted some pictures over on the Privateer Press Forums and got some pretty good reviews.

Calaban on the other hand is all about the green! Though I think I am going to stay with a darker palate throughout my Blindwater Congregation army. I do like the idea of using the colors found in nature but I can also see how the realistic alligator colors could lend itself to not translating very well into miniature painting. Calaban is green but he is not that vibrant green of the studio scheme.

Eventually I will work my way into the Blackhide Wrastlers! I think I will probably do one up as a crocodile and then one up as an alligator. I am not certain what I will do for the Bull Snappers (which I get two of on the 22nd of December) and of course the Ironback Spitters (a.k.a. gamorah or however it is spelled). I suppose I will just have to tackle that bridge when I get there.

Now the Croak Hunters are going to be a labor of love. I can tell it already. The model looks like a giant Poisonous Tree Frog that is standing on its back legs and has spears and turtleshell armor…AWESOME! These guys I want to paint up like their real life counter parts. I have three on order again… (just about every website/store I go to is out of stock on the damn things! Curse you Privateer!! Make more of them just for me!), now if they actually show up I want to paint up each one like a different tree frog. Of course I actually have to get the damned things first but eventually I will be able to put paint on the little bastards. I found this picture of a super rare tree frog and it gave me inspiration, now to translate that inspiration into my mediocre painting skills will be another matter entirely but I am up for the challenge.


  1. The base is spectacular. Make sure we see the Croak hunter soon. :)

  2. Thanks! Just got in three on Thursday 12/24. I really need to get my Battlegroup all painted up after I finish up Calaban, but they are next one the chopping block after that.