Thursday, October 28, 2010

Real Water, Swamps, and HAPPY CROCTOBER!!!!

Well I have decided to branch out from the safe boundaries of my typical bases and I am trying something different.

Water on the Bases!!


After three 50mm bases and six 40mm bases I finally figured out how to make a convincing looking swamp-like base.

Take One: My first attempt saw me hacking out the center portions of the bases and then gluing some plasticard (Sheet styrene) into the bases. Followed by a health smattering of green stuff and Zap-a-gap to seal any cracks and holes and then using Woodland Scenics Real Water. The immediate effect was great looking. There was depth to the water and the bases looked sweet as all get out. So I waited 24 hours for the Real Water to dry...

That was when I noticed the problem. In the center of each 'swampy' area there was a divot. This nice area where there was only the thinnest layer of Real Water. I was expecting some sort of shrinkage as the Real Water dried but I was not expecting for all intents and purposes...a hole in the middle of my swamp.

Take Two: I get out another 50mm base and two more 40mm bases. Having read the instructions this time, I can only guess that I had exceeded the 1/8 inch depth on my first test run. This time around I didn't hack into the bases but everything else was painted. When I put down flock, I use white glue, then dip said base into the flocking material, let dry, and then add a watered down mix of glue and water to make sure it sticks. This usually means that I have to let the base dry for a few hours. Impatiently I waited until I got the brilliant idea to place all three bases under one of my painting lamp that puts out a lot of heat (or entropy as my college Biology Professor always called it). Forget about said bases while playing Fable III...remember about bases while talking with Scott...and discover melted bases a few moments later.

Son of a b!&#@$@#%^&!!! Mother F(#$@#*$&! G#@$(@#$ A@#$@#$


Take Three: I got this! Redo all processes from Take TWo except this time let the glue/water mixture air dry and then apply Real Water


I am pretty happy with the results as you can see from the two pictures. I haven't finished up the swamp bases completely as I am still working on the models that go on them: Blood Barnabas, the Blackhide Wrastler and Wrongeye for my new Blindwater Congregation Army for Hordes. I might go look for some other swampy-things to put on the base the closer I get to finishing the models.

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