Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breast Cancer Brawl Painting & a Mangler

Well I know my updates are rather infrequent but I am sure that is a natural process of writing a blog. I guess I am just not dedicated enough to be considered a true blogger. Meh…ouch my poor little feelings.

At any rate this is just a quick painting update and it goes talks about the models I have been working on. One Mangler and one Woldguardian.

The Mangler is for my Drake McBain Battlegroup. I really like the default colors of the mercs palette so I am going to stick with that. This picture is of the Mangler before I did the brown layer and also without any wash. I have done more with the Mangler but I just don’t have any pictures of it. I did a super heavy wash on it of Devlen Mud because while I really enjoy ‘clean’ models they are rather boring and have no real character to them. The Mangler is also the first model that I will be painting with the majority of the paint coming from the P3 line. So far I am enjoying painting with them very much. I do plan on at least one or two more layers and then I am also going to do some EXTREME highlighting on it as well. I am still up in the air about doing another was to dirty it up one last time. We shall have to see, I might chicken out near the end.

The other model I am working on is the Woldguardian. This one is a bit special because this model is going to be my entry into the Breast Cancer Brawl Painting Competition down at the Armory. So far I have gotten most of the drybrushing done and I am hoping that I can keep my hand steady enough to get the pink into all the cracks and etchings without a tremendous amount of screw ups. Again, we shall have to see.

Keep in mind both of this models are not even remotely finished. Hopefully I will try to be a bit more frequent with my updates.

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