Monday, June 7, 2010

The rivets are speaking to me

So all the stupid rivets are done. All I am going to say to that is...stoopid rivets! But it does give the Defender a bit of depth and helps to bring out more of the character in the model. I like how this one is turning out so well. It does have a similar scheme of the first Defender I painted up but since this is an alternate sculpt it does lend itself to be different because of that.

Some of the big differences are the metal. Instead of doing just the boltgun metal I added another layer of Dwarf Bronze and then a Gryphonne Sepia Wash to mellow down the luster. I added more layers to the eyes to reflect the furnace glowing (hey baby day I might try blending even) and I am going to be doing some highlighting on 'new defender' armor ridges to bring out a bit more depth. I haven't quite figured out if I am just going to line the model with a lighter shade or if I am going to add another entire layer to the model. I guess it just depends on how much work I want to create for myself.

All I know is that the Defender is lacking something and I have a sneaking suspicion the extra layer may help a bit. I can't make the new layer too light or it won't fit in with the rest of the army but then again it has to be light enough to show as a new layer. Arrrrgh! The growing pains of becoming a more accomplished painter! I guess Kara gets to wait till next week.


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