Monday, June 14, 2010

The journey has ended.

Well the painting journey has ended, at least for this model. I finished it up and put the seal on it a.k.a. Krylon Matte Finish. I like it. I even went ahead and added in a small piece of goodness to the base. I took the sawblade from the piece of the Decimator Plastic Kit (Boo! Khador), hacked it apart and then painted it up in the 5th Border Legion, the same scheme Joel uses, put some bullet holes in it and poofta! One Cygnar Defender from Fort Falk ready to rock'n'rolla.

I did a bit more on this model than I have in the past. Namely I washed all the recess and then did some highlighting around the edges. I am still not ready to jump into trying blending but I know that it just takes time and the more that I paint the more comfortable I become. So now that I have taken the extra steps on this model, all future models must also benefit from the extra bits of depth. It is possible that I will go back and touch up some of my older models as well...but let's not get too hasty now. I am glad this defender is finished because it just puts me one step closer to having a full 35pts painted up. Not sure which model I will start after I get Kara done, but I believe I'll only have a Charger and the Black 13th to finish.

After that I think I am going to take a break from Cygnar and either start working on my Circle (again) or finish painting up the Gorten Grundback Battlebox I have, which may just turn into a full Searforge Commission list...

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