Monday, May 24, 2010

Stoopid Tinbitz...

STOOPID TINBITZ!!! much of this particular color is used when I paint up my Warjacks. For any metal it is my basecoat, it is the shade that starts it all. Once I get the tinbitz down I then drybrush on the Boltgun Metal to give the appearance of aged metal. One of these days I will have to attempt the rust-stains when I get more experience with washes. As much as I hate the tedium of doing one color for so much of a model it really does make a difference for my metals. If there is any bronze on the model, it gets painted on over the boltgun and then highlighted with a bit of gold and silver.

For this Defender I have chosen to paint up the model just like the picture in the Prime Mk. II book so there will be a lot more bronze on the model than on the first Defender I painted up. I think the biggest batch of bronze will be on the ball'n'socket joint for the arms. They should look similar yet different enough so as not to be confused when they are on the table.

I put some paint on Kara but I think I am going to finish up the Defender first. It should paint up fairly quickly since there is a limited palette on for the Warjack vs. the tripling of paints that is going to be on Kara.


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