Monday, May 17, 2010

Go for the Eyes Boo! The EYES!!!

I hate painting eyes. I have said it plenty of times before but Dear Holy Lord Almighty do I hate painting eyes. I think my biggest issues is that I can't make my own eyes focus down to that level. I am sure if I had some sort of crazy jeweler's magnifying glasses super contraption I could do it...but I don't. So for the time being and since I need to get cracking on painting up Kara and her pet Defender for the PPress Forums Painting Contest, the eyes of the Arcane Tempest Gun Mages shall remain unpainted.

The nice thing about finishing up a model is that if you need to go back and correct little errors or say paint some can! Then just apply a quick coat of matte finish (Krylon Matte Finish is da'bomb'digity) and poof-ta, none the wiser. Now when I start in on Kara I will paint up her eyes. I like it when my warcasters are complete and as much as I'd like to say the ATGM are complete, eventually I will finish them (eyes and all). They are sealed because I want to field them and they are definitely tabletop worthy but when it comes to a character model, I like to spend even more time make sure the fig looks damned good. Not pro-painted mind you but better than my units.

So there she is...Mrs. Super-Magically-Enhanced-Sniper-Gun-Toting Kara Sloan. Makes me quiver inside really. She isn't this crazy competitive caster according to the Cygnar Tourney Scene Gurus that you find on the PPress Forums but I think she acquitted herself rather well in the Shattered Grounds League. Admittedly she isn't terribly hard to beat and for all intents and purposes she is a glass cannon, I mean, seriously have you seen the gun she really is a cannon (50 cal. enchanted sable rounds FTW Baby!!!) and her one glaring weakness is that she still requires line of sight to be deadly but it is the psychological warfare she brings to the table.

I put her on the table and I see the gears cranking in my opponents head trying to figure out how best to protect his/her caster. Don't get me wrong my gears are spinning as well to try and lineup that shot but the big thing is that I get to play an offensive game while my opponent plays a defensive game and has to dance to the tune that I play. The second I can draw line of sight to the enemy caster, I win. Provided of course, the dice gods are smiling upon me and granting me their blessing for maximum damage. Now there are some great players here and I thoroughly enjoy playing against someone that makes me feel like I am on the ropes. It just makes me want to win that game that much more and as always I congratulate my opponent on a game well played, win or lose.

Well off to paint Kara and her Defender I go. The contest ends July 23rd. Here's for hoping I win.

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