Monday, May 10, 2010

One Down, Six to go.

Actually it is not as bad as the title suggests. I wanted to see what a finished Arcane Tempest Gun Mage would look like so I just pounded one out really fast to see how I liked it. I haven't put the Front Arc marks on the base or sealed it but all-in-all this guy represents what my ATGM + UA unit will look like.

Well...I like it. At first I wasn't sure if I would like the brown hats but seeing the finished model I have to say it adds a very 'colonial' look to the model. My first thought was to do up the unit with brown great-coats and a grey hat with yellow trim. Now I am really glad I am going with the gray coat with yellow cuffs and a brown hat. Eventually I will pick up another ATGM Unit to run in larger point games with Kara (man do I love playing her as my primary warcaster) or possibly run with a Caine List, seeing as how both the pCaine and eCaine tier lists rock out multiple ATGM Units. When I go to paint them up I will probably use the same techniques I did on these guys and just change up the color of the tricorn.

Of course I hate macro photography because you see every little-itzy-bitzy-tiny-blemish-known-to-man on your painted figure, but on the tabletop no one will notice. I did pick up a tripod to help with the clarity of image (no touchy, means no shake, and out of focus images) and I am hoping to get a Lightbox for my birthday from the in-laws, or failing that I will just build one but that doesn't change the fact that I hate how junky my models look under the macro mode.

I have never claimed to be a 'Pro' painter but I am decent enough to do tabletop worthy minis. I really can't complain since painting for me is very much a part-time hobby along with, video games, reading, GMing Legend of the Five Rings/DND/Seventh Seas, and photography. I think I am a fairly decent painter and I hope that as time progresses I will just get better with practice but it sure would be nice to rub that magic lamp and have a genie appear and let me make a wish to be the best mini painter in the bad I am not a diamond in the rough. Oh well. Next week I hope to have the whole unit done and then have Kara on the paint table.

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