Friday, April 2, 2010

The they shift!

I finished up both sets of Shifting Stones and figured it was a great time to do an update rather than wait till Monday. Here it is. I can't decide which ones I like better however, the first set of Shifting Stones I painted up, has a lot more effort put into it and it seems to have a bit more dynamic feel to it (an earlier post has the steps listed)

The second set of Shifting Stones took about two-thirds less time to paint, as in I finished them within a night. The longest dry time was the Devlan Mud wash I did. I laid it on super heavy because I wanted to darken it up and then I just did a few different layers of drybrushing to it.

My first impression of the two sets of Shifting Stones next to each other was that the darker set, was in-active and waiting for some command, while the set with the green on the inside was powering up and getting ready to do something like teleport in a Blackclad Wayfarer. Now that these guys are done, my next project is to start working on the Woldwatcher. So my Monday post should have pictures of some work in progress on the light warbeast.

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