Monday, March 29, 2010

A crazy week, but no real complaints

One week into my little forced servitude of painting has yielded some pretty positive results. I didn't get as far along as I was hoping too, but then again when you work 7 days a week with little to no break in-between, just sitting down for an hour to paint is a luxury.

I am currently (and soon to be graduating from) a Pharmacy Technician licensing course. It has been about 8 months of Saturday classes and the end is in sight. This means that I have to do an externship in a Pharmacy for 120 hours. Honestly that isn't too many hours and if I was able to pull it off I would have just done three 40 hour weeks but then I wouldn't be able to pay my house-payment or any of my other bills because externships equal free grunt labor for which ever pharmacy I am at. I go to work in the morning at Best Buy then get maybe a 45min break before I head to the pharmacy from 5p to 9p Monday through Friday. I get home around 9:10ish and then take a brief 30mins to unwind before I set up shop and start painting.

For the previous week I decided to start simple and test a few paint schemes I have in my head for my Circle Orboros models. I like the studio scheme with the browns/tans, green, and gold, so that is what I decided to go with. The nice thing about my Sticks'n'Stones list is well lots of sticks and stones. To test out some ideas I grabbed my two sets of Shifting Stones. One set I am going to paint up with the recessed ares painted green and then a lighter looking stone around it with reddish-moss on it. For my other set of Shifting Stones, I am going to basically copy the basic scheme that can be seen in the gallery over at

I started with a white primer and then I used the GW Thraka Green Wash to pre-shade where I wanted the greens. I layed on the wash fairly heavily. Once the wash was dry, I started with Snot Green. I thinned it down a touch. That step took far longer than expected to finish. After the Snot Green was in place I grabbed a pot of Scorpion Green and dry brushed all of the models. I thought about applying another wash but decided against it because I wanted that kind of 'chalky' look that you get when drybrushing.

Now on to the actual stone portion itself. Citadel Foundation Adeptus Battlegray formed the basecoat. I tried to keep it out of the cracks since I had washed all of them with Thraka Green to give the appearance of the power making the stones crack apart. Once all of the stones where basecoated I then drybrushed on a layer of Citadel Astronomicon Gray, which is a much lighter (almost to the point of white) gray. Like I said nothing fancy.

Moving on to the spots of moss. First I put down a wash of Baal Red, then I added a layer of Red Gore followed by a layer of Mecharius Solar Orange and topped off with a subtle dry brush of Iyanden Dark Sun.

For the small amount of work I put into them, I think this set of Shifting Stones turned out pretty well. Pro Painted? Nope. Table Top Quality? Oh yeah. See for yourself. I still need to finish the bases and I still have some touch up but I will have both sets of Shifting Stones done by next week, and hopefully a good start on a Woldwyrd.

For the second set of Shifting Stones I am basically going to use the same paints but instead of using the Astronomican Gray as a dry brush I am going to go with Codex Gray for a dark look and I will wash the stone with Delvan Mud to kind of 'dirty' it up a bit.

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