Monday, March 22, 2010

And so it begins.

In an attempt to actually finish one of the multitudes of armies that I have lazily stashed about my house I have decided to create a "plog."

In my plog or painting blog, for all of the non-gamers out there, I am going to hold myself accountable for meeting goals and deadlines that I have set for myself. Hopefully each week I will be able to post up the work that I have completed and note how much closer I get to my goal of actually fully painting up, basing/flocking, and sealing my Circle Orboros force for the table-top.

As an aside, let me give a brief note about myself; if any word could come to mind when it comes to my table-top gaming persona and painting, it would have to be: Distracted.

Fairly straight forward actually. I managed to jump in feet first on just about every army that hits the shelf. Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Hordes...and now potentially Infinity. I see the 'new shiney' and instantly covet it like it is "my precious." I am not even going to go into the amount of money I have squandered away on new armies, buying them, assembling them, painting a few of them, and then selling the army off. For instance, with W40k, I have owned every army available (about 4 Space Marine armies, and yes I currently am selling off the last vestiges of my last batch of Space Marines).

Warmachine on the other hand I have been fairly loyal. I did sell off my initial Cygnar army a few years back when the gaming group I run with (TIAT Gaming) stopped playing Warmachine because of some douchebaggery that happened because of an outside source. I am now a Pressganger for Privateer Press ( and I am able to do demos for both Warmachine and Grind. I have painted up the battleboxes for Cryx and Khador and I am in the middle of painting up the Rhulic Battlebox. I own a fairly large force of Cygnar and just about all the Retribution of Scyrah models currently released. I also own a small amount of Circle Orboros models and that leads into why I decided to start the plog.

With the imminent release of Hordes Mk. II, I have decided that I want to paint up the 25 models I have in my "Sticks'n'Stones" Baldur Theme List. I have had these models since early 2009 and when I made the list up for Mk. I, it was all about the least amount of living models in the list and I never really had any plans to actually win any sort of serious game with the army. I am going to get serious and the first step is getting it all painted. 25 models is not a lot to paint up and honestly, most of the painting on these models will be different layers of drybrushing with a bit more time put into Baldur and the Stoneward (since currently, they are the only living models in the list).

Most of the models have been primed with Tamiya Fine White Surface Primer. I try to wash the models beforehand to:
a) get a rough idea which colors go where.
b) think of washing as kind of a pre-shading.
c) Dear god, do I absolutely hate painting on white primer (at first) because when you look at the model and notice a white spot in a crevasse that your paint brush will never reach and everything else around it is painted up and go back in to fix it and 15 hours of touch-up later, that stupid white spot that you have been trying to fix is still wonderfully white and harder than hell to miss because it is white....but in the end, when the models are all finished man, oh'man do I love that they are on white primer

I do have a finished Baldur, well he was finished till he decided he'd rather commit suicide than be the only painted model in the foam and dived out of the carrying foam and broke into his constituent parts and chipped himself all I am starting over. I acquired an un-primered Baldur in a trade from Bartertown ( figured it was easier to start over than to try and fix the now deceased painted version.

Here are the goals I have set for myself
Goal 1: Finish all of my Circle Orboros models before Hordes Prime Mk. II hits the shelves in July...or is it June. Ah crap, some Pressganger I am turning out to be.
Goal 2: Refer to Goal 1
Goal 3: See Goal 2 for instructions, but make sure to ignore the quip about being a Pressganger
Goal 4: Look at Goal 3 and honestly I just figure if I keep making myself look at Goal 1 that I will get it all done.

Today is Monday 3/22/2010 and I managed to get my first post on my plog done...hardly what I would consider a successful painting night but I'll take all the small victories I can get.  Here are some pictures of when I am working with and as the days, weeks and months progress I shall post more and more models in a completed form.

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