Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So much has happened in such a short time.

As much as I'd like to say that I have finished the Woldwarden this past week, I would be lying. So much has happened this past week. I was finishing up the last week of my externship and I was also studying for the final for my Pharmacy Technician class. On top of that the Nightfall league is still going strong and I have been wanting to get in as many games as possible. So my time for painting was used for other things; studying , playing league games, even assembling some new figs that I picked up. It wasn't that this week was a bad week, I did do some painting.

About 1/2 the Woldwarden has its Adeptis Battlegrey undercoat. It is a bit time consuming because I am trying to leave all the green I painted into the 'runes' free of the grey. Yet again I wonder why I painted all the green into the runes. Of course when the model is finished it should look pretty cool and I am debating on adding a secondary highlight to the runes. Really it just depends on how much time I want to spend on the models. If I am going to meet my deadline for having the 35pts painted up for the launch of Hordes Mk. II then I need to just leave some parts as is and go for solid table-top quality. I will say this, those megapixels sure do show the spots you missed...oh how I hate ye white primer! Oh how I hate! Some areas I was planning on going over with a smaller brush...now I see it is going to be a few more than I expected.

I did manage to add a few more names to the Kara Head-shot roster, notably, Adeptis Rahn and High Allegient Amon Ad-Raza. Although I will admit that it was a bit unfair of me to play so aggressively in the games. One of my opponents was learning the game and learned a very valuable lesson in blocking line of sight. I knew he was still picking up the finer points and I did ask if he wanted me to play a different caster, he said 'no,' so I suppose it is on him. Great player and a good guy. I can't wait to go up against him again after he has had more games under his belt. In the other game I thought my opponent was more experienced. I didn't know that since Mk. II came out this was only his 3rd game. So while I will add the names to the list of the honored dead, I do so with a bit of reluctance.

Kara Sloan's List of Honored Dead:
Gorten Grundback
Supreme Kommandant Irusk
Feora, Protector of the Flame
Pirate Queen Skarre
Adeptis Rahn
High Allegient Amon Ad-Raza

I would have posted all of this yesterday but I ended up spending eight hours in the ER with my mother who ended up having to go into emergency surgery for appendicitis and two hernias. Of course we didn't know the severity of the situation at the time but apparently she wouldn't have lived out another day if we hadn't gone in that night. So the appendix has been removed and the hernias will be fixed later but she is lucid and chattering away, probably has something to do with the morphine drip that they have her on.

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