Tuesday, January 29, 2013

General Awe...wait for it...some is here!!!

That's right folks, General Ossrum is painted up and ready to take to the field.  Scottie-too-Hottie got him for me because he is a cool guy and I got him half way painted up and then got distracted by plenty of other painting projects.  A Knight of Morrow for an IKRPG game, a 25pt Circle Orboros Holiday Bundle, the last two remaining members of the Sons of Bragg for my Trollkins…

And that is when I took a step back and realized that I had way too many unfinished projects in the works and that I needed to focus on finishing up one task before I started another.  Since I really wanted to play Ossrum, I needed to finish his paint job.  I was sent down to Stockton/Lathrop for training for Target (yup switched jobs and jumped ship to a different pharmacy) I had plenty of time to finish him up.    


Well, really all I had finished on him originally was the metals.  I started working with all the armor plates.  Instead of using the P3 paints I went with the Vallejo Caymen Green.  It is a little bit darker but overall it will fit in with the green theme of the Searforge Army I have going right now.  Even the dark red Grundback Blaster fits into the overall theme of the army and eventually I will finish painting up all the Gunners and Blasters that I have (light green and dark red).


Aside from switching up the greens a little bit, I followed the same formulae I used for the other models in the Army.  Green base coat, heavy Devlan Mud (or whatever it is called now) wash, second go around with the green, mix in some bleach bone (or whatever it is called now) for the edging and call it a day.  I mimicked (mostly) the studio paint scheme with the blocking of the colors.  To break it up a little bit I added in a tan brown for the bottom of the great coat and one of the front armor plates.  I am pretty happy with the look of the model. 


Again, I hate doing eyes…I can never get them right…ever! Damn you tiny eyes!!! DAMN YOU!!!

I’ll be working on finishing up the Sons of Bragg before I move on to the Circle Orboros Army. 

There is a 35pt Tourney on the 9th of Feb and I am seriously debating throwing some Searforge on the table and rocking with them.  I have never played the Searforge Commission in a Tourney and at 35pts I have some pretty rock solid lists for all the armies that I own.  Though I am tempted to bring Kara Sloan to the table just because I haven’t played her in a really long time and she is one of my favorite casters for Cygnar.  

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