Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adopt a Fell Caller, Save a Trollkin for life

I wasn't even really planning on painting up the Fell Caller but when I was base coating the skin of the Sons of Bragg Unit I had a bunch of extra paint left over on ye'olde wet palette and I didn't want to waste it so...I base coated the Fell Caller, Skaldi Bonehammer, and the Sons of Bragg.

I still had a good sized blob of paint on the palette and decided to wash the models and then do the skin highlight on them.

Once I was finished with that whole layering up of the skin, I picked up the Fell Caller to look at him and then I just picked out a color and started painting.  Well of course life got in the way of painting and the Fell Caller has been getting some sporadic painting love across the week and tonight I finally finished him up.

I have kind of a mixed reaction to this model.  I like certain parts of the model and then I dislike certain parts.


Like: The leathers - I thought they turned out really nice
Like: The skin - loads of shading difference in the muscles...getting better at it. I should probably add a third 'lighter' layer
Like: The armor plates - I dig the 'highlighted' armor

Dislike: The eyes - Damn it!! they just look off to me
Dislike: The torch - I tried doing a 'yellow' fire like effect and feel I failed horribly...oh and I hate the grey colors on it
Dislike: The bronze chain mail - definitely used the wrong colors there.  I really like the Vallejo line, but I think GW has the metallics down like no other
Dislike: I used a different glue than the Zap-a-Gap that I know and love, so I didn't notice a glob dried on the joint connecting the main body to the upraised sword until I had the model primed and dusted...I painted up the glob to look like fur but it is still irksome that I missed that while the glue was still wet.  I could have cleaned off the glob of glue.  Needless to say I won't be using that shitty-ass glue anymore.


Eventually I will go back through and attempt to fix up the 'dislikes' but for the moment, I am going to keep chugging along and finish what I started even though I am going to miss the deadline for a Slightly More Possible Dream 2012 by a ludicrously large margin.

And now to start working on the rest of the Fell Callers in the list, the Sons of Bragg.  I am going to paint each one up individually, so pictures to follow as I complete them.  Once they are all finished I'll toss up the group shot.

You know...eventually I am going to have to paint up Borka Kegslayer, I mean is his army after all.

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