Monday, August 20, 2012

Dystopian Awesomeness

Hello Fellow Blogger Types and other random peeps!

I'm back!

Or at least I will attempt to be back on a fairly regular basis from here on out.  My surgery went off without a hitch so to speak and my recovery is well recovery.  For about 2 weeks I have been an absolute bum on the couch and doing nothing.  Well I have read a few good books and cleaned out the DVR and watched entirely too much crap on Netflix but all in all I still consider myself as having done nothing.

I do however, have a goal now.

To become a Spartan Vanguard!  Yup I am going to apply to become a Vanguard for Spartan Games the folks who make Dystopian Wars (among others games).  Think of the Spartan Vanguard as their volunteer program to show their products, so very similar to the Pressgang Program offered by Privateer Press.  In order to qualify I have to have two painted fleets so I had to go out and purchase a new fleet.  I already own a 'mostly painted' Covenant of Antarctica Fleet and so I choose the latest release and picked up a Russian Coalition Naval Group and Fleet Carrier, since most of us here in po-dunk Redding are playing at that level (around 750-ish points depending on your nation)

The first thing that kind of struck me about the Russian Coalition is the sheer size of the models.  Compared to the Covenant of Antarctica, which have a very sleek look about the models, the Russian Coalition is a hulking beast of sturgeniam-infused metal.  Sharp pointy prows and big guns

Stat-line wise, the Russian Coalition has no special weapons but they do have a great defensive MAR (Model Assigned Rules) called Abalative Armor.  The MAR basically makes them immune to damage until the targeted model suffers its first critical hit, then the MAR expires and they start taking damage normally.  Which should be pretty sweet considering the Russian Coalition has virtually no weapons that operate in Range Band 3 & 4 and so therefore have to close quick and fast to unload the heavy weaponry they do have in Range Bands 1 & 2.  Yikes!

Still as a polar opposite (pun intended, for those that know about the CoA and the fluff) to my Covenant of Antarctica Fleet, I think the Russian Coalition will be a great Fleet to use as a Demo Fleet alongside my Covenant Fleet.

Since it looks like I am going to be off work until early September, my goal is to get the Russian Coalition Naval Group and Fleet Carrier painted up so that I can apply for the Spartan Vanguard Program around the same time I head back to work.

No pictures yet, but I have primed the Fleet black and I have started working on the Fleet Carrier.  When I finish up the Carrier I'll get some pictures up for everyone to look at!

Until then...Game on!


  1. Great that everything went well, and you're coming back to hobbying :)

    Welcome back!

  2. Thank you good sir! Yup everything went great as it were.