Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stoopid AT&T

Well the idiots over at AT&T struck again.  We turned off our landline on Monday, mainly because it was costing us $40 a month that we didn’t really need to be spending.  So the wife calls and cancels the landline but says we are going to keep the internet.  She is then told that there will be a slight interruption in internet service when the phone is turned off.  Well the f*****g retards at AT&T cancelled both the phone and the DSL.  Idiots! 

So I called today, calmly called them all idiots and told them to hook my internet back up…now.  Surprisingly enough, they did.  I went home for lunch today and the AT&T Tech we there re-hooking up the internet.  They are still idiots but this AT&T tech (at least for today) is my hero. 

No internet = No Updates but I do have a quick group shot of all the Gunbunnies lined up.  This is what I am currently batch painting right now. 



Now only if I had enough focus my casters to allocate all those little basterds just one focus and then open up on somebody…

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