Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Searforge or Bust!!

Back in the Searforge saddle again so to speak. 

I made a decision to work on painting up my Searforge Commission army in its entirety instead of working on the Lamenters.  Painting up another Space Marine Army was just too painfully tedious and while I am dreading telling Aaron that I am not going to be partaking in the Badab Wars at NorCon this year,  I am super glad that I am back to painting what I actually want to paint instead of pushing it off for some other project.   I can hear you all know moaning and groaning about how I have done this before, I just hope I don’t disappoint this time around.  Keep me focused people!!!!

A good place to start is with all the Gunbunnies I have in my Battlefoam case; four Grundback Gunners and four Grundback Blasters, all on the painting chopping block right now.  I am going to take this army in small chunks and the Gunner and Blasters tend to paint up fairly quickly.  Here is the first Blaster I finished.  Now if only I can figure out what kind of nosecone art to put on this guy, I will call him finished


I wanted to try something a bit different with the color scheme.  The drab green will of course be the primary color in the army but I wanted to mix up the ‘Bunnies just a bit…so the Blasters got a nice coat of Dark Flesh.  A very nice reddish brown in my opinion and when put next to my only painted Gunner (which I hope to remedy very soon) they look pretty snazzy together.  I also needed a test model for the color because I am debating painting up Durgan Madhammer in this red-brown scheme.


The Dark Flesh also gave me a chance to mess around with some more of the Vallejo colors. I used the Terracotta as the highlight and I also messed around with the copper and bronze.  Nice colors and they flow off the brush really well.  I also used the Tinny Tin color which is the Vallejo equivalent to TinBitz and it performed as well as the TinBitz. 

Of course I am going to have to order up another round of Dragon Forge Ice Kingdom medium bases soon …I don’t have enough for all Gunbunnies hopping around.

Oh...on a rather funny side note, I used the Driller I painted up for the 2011 Breast Cancer Brawl painting competition this last weekend in a game against Wes (a filthy Menoth player) and while I lost the game, I did happen to use a very pink Driller (with Strength of Granite on it) to utterly destroy the Avatar of Menoth.  The poor Avatar was damaged beyond wrecked.  Ahhh...to the small victories in life   

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