Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project Log: Kommander Harkevich the Iron Wolf, Part VI

So I have been utterly horrible with updates this last week.  Sorry.  Had a rather odd schedule at work and not a lot of time left for painting, toss in a holiday, some other random events and all of a sudden…a whole week has gone by without really touching a model or paintbrush.  I have done some work on Harkevich.  I started in on the metal piping and the boiler.  I also received my order for the Vallejo Game Color line.  72 new paints to work with!!!  I have had a limited exposure to Vallejo paints, so little in fact that I consider myself to be learning how these paints flow from the brush…so far, I am really impressed. 

Quick rundown on colors; Metal starts out with Tin Bitz (GW) and then gets a wet-brush/dry-brush coat of Boltgun Metal depending on the size of the area and how early I am in the process of painting the model and then touched up/highlighted by a slight hint of Chainmail (GW).  If I am going on to gold or bronze then I will just add a layer on top of the boltgun and use a mixture of Shining Silver and gold for the last highlights.  Well…Tin Bitz Layer, Check!  Boltgun Layer…replaced with an over-brush layer of Gunmetal Metal (Val), Check! Bronze Layer is an over-brush of Bright Bronze (Val) and highlight layer of Gunmetal Metal mixed with Bright Bronze.  I need to go in and wash the bronze with a 50/50 mix of Gryphonne Sepia and Water to add a final layer. 


I also finished up the blanket (positioned on top of a hot boiler…) by first starting with a layer of Fenris Grey (GW) and then washed with Delvan Mud (<-----Man I love this stuff).  A second layer made up of a mix of Fenris Grey/Adeptus Battlegrey.  Final highlights are just done with Adeptus Battlegrey on the ridges of the cloth blanket. 


Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates and the shortness of this update but I should be able to put more paint to model this week and I will be posting regular updates with my progress, and since we are almost half way through April, I don’t have much time left to finish up the model.  Oh and I still need to work on the base…

I also touched up the armor spikes and bands around the armor as well.  Still a bit more work to be done on this guy and I'll be damned if I let something as stupid as my broken back get in the way of me paintinga minimum of two hours a night. 

Fun times!

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