Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project Log: Kommander Harkevich the Iron Wolf, Part II

Here is the second update to the Project Log.  Last night I sat down put on some random show from the DVR and started painting.  I figured I would get my teeth wet on Harkevich by painting up his over-coat.  Keeping in line with the official colors, I went for the drab military green that is presented in the Forces of Warmachine: Khador book.  The steps they give are pretty sweet but seeing as how I don’t have the requisite P3 paints to do it like they suggest I decided to have that unique ‘Grant’ crack at it.  I started with Thornwood Green (P3) and got a nice even flat coat (No pun intended) using multiple thin layers. 


After I put down the base coat, I washed the coat again with Delven Mud and then I made a mix of Thornwood Green (P3) and Traitor Green (P3).  I again thinned down the paint a little bit and then added a second layer of the Thornwood/Traitor Green mix to lighten up the cloak just a little bit.


Since I was mixing stuff up on a wet palette, I added another brushful of Traitor Green to the Thornwood/Traitor Mix to lighten up the cloak even farther.  I then dappled the new mix on the cloak taking care to avoid covering up all of the previous layers.  Up close, it looks pretty shiny and bright but when the model is on the table it looks like a nice and drab military green.


I am toying with the idea of adding another layer of highlights around the edges by mixing up some Traitor Green (P3) and Bleached Bone (GW) like I used on my Searforge Commision models.

I’ll keep taking pictures as I do the model in the stages and posting up what I have done. 

So until next update, keep on painting!

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  1. The drab green looks great.... I've got some 5th Border Legion Khador that need some paint! Honestly though, I am really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out! Keep up the good work.