Friday, March 16, 2012

Project Log: Kommander Harkevich the Iron Wolf, Part I

Scott is at it again with another painting competition, this time for a Warcaster or Warlock from Warmachine or Hordes line.  Again all that is required is that the model has been purchased from one of the local stores, i.e. Matrix or The Armory.  Since most of my models have been purchased at The Armory, it gave me a few options to pick from: Capt. Jeremiah Kraye, Capt. Kara Sloan, Adept Sebastian Nemo (2010 Ed.), Durgan Madhammer, Kommander Harkevich, Constance Blaize, and Forward Kommander Sorcha, to name but a few…

So I was kicking ideas around in my head and at first I wanted to paint up Capt. Kara Sloan and I took out the model and decided that here is a model that I really want to paint up well and not screw up on…so I put her back down and will get back to her.  I know my skill with painting is getting better every time I touch a brush and I want to be just a little bit better before I start painting her up.  I know it is kind of silly to think that but I am going to hold off on painting her up for a bit longer. 

Capt. Jeremiah Kraye and Kommander Harkevich therefore stood at the top of my list.  So I debated on which one I wanted to paint up.  Kraye is probably my single most favorite model in the miniature line.  Talk about the sculptor capturing an emotion…Kraye speaks to me of dogged determination.  Tired and weary, trudging along but also determined to get the job done.  Such a dynamic sculpt!  Best in the line I tell you.  I pulled him out, stripped his base and put down new gravel and was getting ready to primer him up.  Harkevich is a pretty great looking model.  Lots of great detail and stance that is just chalked full of fierce pride.  Which to do, which to do?

While talking with Joel @ Brush Zealot though I changed my mind and decided to paint up Harkevich.  While looking at his sculpt and his artwork (which are almost identical…something PP should have done with Kara Sloan, but enough of that) I started thinking about doing up his base like the artwork and that little nugget of thought started itching my brain something crazy.  Something I haven’t done before is work with cork or try to do up a base on my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Dragon Forge Bases but this one I want to do all by my lonesome (with advice from friends of course).


From that point, I pulled Harkevich out of his blister, which I purchased at The Armory when he released, and got to cleaning and assembly.  I pinned his club arm in place and then let the glue dry.  Next I washed the model to remove the mold release and let it dry.  My next step was to get him on to a base, so I drilled into his over-coat and using a 1.25mm brass rod I elevated him up and pinned him to an extra 30mm base that I have.  Again letting the glue dry I then shook up my can of P3 white primer and got busy making him nice and snowy white.

As I posted a while back, I definitely hate working with white primer but (yes here is the pre-requisite but) when painting with Reds it makes it means less work and a brighter over all model.  Now that being said, in order to avoid the stupid ass white spots that will inevitably crop up on a white primer’d model, I ‘pre-shaded’ the model using the Citadel Washes.  Baal Red for the armor plates, Delven Mud for the Cloak and leather portions, Gryphonne Sepia for the metal piping, boiler, and weapon, and lastly Ogryn Flesh for his face. 


One of the big reasons I like pre-shading my models is that it allows me to see all the detail of the model without destroying any of that detail with thick paint.  PLUS as an added bonus it adds the first layer of shading to the model…who knew?! 

The next thought to pop into my head was to do make a Project Log out of this painting competition model so each step of the way I will be detailing what I have done and taking plenty of pictures to explain it in detail to all of my loyal readers! 


This is one of many entries to come as I work on Harkevich.  Expect painting legends, step-by-step instructions and how-to’s!  (I know getting a head of myself here…cause we all know I am the most award winning painter ever, never having won a painting competition in my life.  LOL!!)

Until next entry!!!

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  1. Looks amazing sir, and good luck! I'm still waiting for my warcaster to come in... going on three weeks now, oh well! The "pre-shading" is a great idea that I think I will use from now on (come on, we all hate those hidden white spots the only show up afterwards!)