Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Log: Kommander Harkevich the Iron Wolf, Part IV

I finished up with Harkevich’s cloak.  Why I focused on that versus say the armor, is beyond me, I just started painting the cloak up and wanted to finish it.  When I first saw the model I didn’t really pay attention to all the little things on the over-coat like the canteen, the two pouches, and the map/scroll case. 

Pretty neat stuff and the more I was looking at those little items the more I really began to like the aesthetic that Privateer Press has given to the Khador miltary.  I served in the USAF and while I was deployed to Saudi Arabia I remember all the little bits and pieces that had to go onto my uniform.  Gas Masks, multi-tools, ammo pouches, flashlight, radio, canteen, you name it and it had a spot on my gear.    When I would put on my uniform I had to make sure that everything was in its appropriate place and I am seeing that attention given to the Khador models and it calls to that military part of my soul. 

Moving on, to finish out the cloak, I finished up the metal plates first.  I went in and touched up the plates with Boltgun Metal after the Gryphonne Sepia layer.  I tried to leave that nice little ‘sepia’ colored ring around the studs to help add depth to the plates.  Since I didn’t have Mithril Silver (GW) any more, I went with Honed Silver (Reaper) and along the top edges of the plates just added a nice little line.  It is very hard to notice unless you are up close and personal with Harkevich. 

The next item to tackle was the bags, canteen, and scroll case.  The bags I used Bestial Brown (GW) and then hit up with a heavy Gryphonne Sepia wash, followed by another layer of Bestial Brown and a final highlight of a Bestial Brown/Bleached Bone mix.  For the Scroll case, I figured a good ol’fashioned metal case would work, so I hit it with an over-brush of Boltgun and painted the straps with Vermin Brown (GW).  The canteen case saw me go back to Graveyard Earth (GW) and Gryphonne Sepia Wash, which I used for some of the leathers on Harkeviches boots.  Now the cloak is pretty much as done as it gets…for the moment.  Once I get in some work on the Armor I will come back through and do some final highlighting and lining. 

I also worked on the boiler a little bit.  First thing I did, was put some Blood Red (GW) in the boiler, where the fires would be, then I went in and instead of going the entire length of the vent, I went half way down with Blazing Orange (GW) and then did the same thing, a quarter of the way down with Golden Yellow (GW) to give the nice fire-like effect.  No crazy cool blending but nice and simple to convey what I want.  I need to add in the bronzed areas to the boiler and the piping but again I am going to wait until I get closer to finishing the armor plates.

For the Armor plates I went straight to Red Gore (GW).  A nice deep red, that doesn’t have the purple tint to it like the Scab Red has.  When it is layered on top of the white primer and red pre-wash man does it stand out!  I ended up doing 3 or 4 thin layers of the Red Gore to get the even coat and I am debating on washing it to add some extra shading to the recessed areas…hell I am not even debating it, I am going to do it, just need to decide on if I am going to use a Baal Red Wash or Gryphonne Sepia (did I mention that I used the Sepia wash a lot??)  Once I get that wash down, I will put down another layer of the Red Gore, staying away from the shadowed areas, and then add in some final highlights along the raised portions.  

Until next Project Log update, keeping painting and best of luck in any of the games you might play!

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