Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What?! Menoth?! WTF!!!

Well I have made a New Year’s Resolution…23 days late, but still a Resolution. 

In 2012, I am going to try my damnedest to finish one army. 

Now seeing as how I am working on my Lamenters Space Marines for Aaron’s Badab Wars Campaign and I am also trying to save up money to go down to Arizona to participate in a convention hosted by the folks at Battlefoam…I am thinking I should be pouring my efforts into 40k.  In anticipation of the convention in September, I have worked out a 2000pt list that builds on what I already have and requires me to order a Land Raider and an Assault Terminator Squad.  I won an auction on ebay for a Terminator Librarian (NIB) and I have a Terminator Chaplin already.  If I keep all of my HQ Models at around the 175pt mark, they can be interchanged with no issues…so now I need to kit bash together a Terminator Captain with a burly ass power axe, eerily similar to the one my Malakim Phoros model uses…hmmmmmm

Of course I have already been sidelined once by a painting competition for a Warmachine/Hordes Tourney that is happening on the 18th of February.  CURSE YOU SCOTTY!!! CURSE YOU!!!!  It is an interesting idea and I am glad I am taking part in it.  I’ll probably end up giving the model away when the competition is over.  For the competition, you have to paint up a Warcaster/Warlock attachment that has been purchased at one of the FLGS.  Aight.  Well damn it, I am not buying another Squire for my Cygnar army and the Searforge Commission doesn’t have a caster attachment…neither do the Blindwater Congregation, so I am left with only one option.  That’s right kids; buy another model from a different faction!

So I settled on the Hierophant from the Protectorate of Menoth.  I will admit it is a pretty neat looking model.  Very Holier-than-thou-art look to it; I kind of like it.  In grand Grant Fashion (and plain good sense) I pinned the Staff to the main body and also pinned the little scroll case on its back in place as well, about 20 extra minutes to do all that but I really don’t want this little guy falling apart.  I primed the model black since I am going with an alternate paint scheme from the Menoth White and went to town painting up the robes.  First thing I did was make a black wash by thinning out some Chaos Black and painting in all the cracks and recess that got missed by the primer and then the fun began!

Mecharite Red was the basecoat and then I just built up layer after layer of red starting with Scab Red, followed by Red Gore, then I mixed in some Blood Red with the Red Gore, and finally I added a small dab of Bleach Bone to the Red Gore/Blood Red mix for the final little touches.  I tried leaving the previous shade of red showing through on the layering but not really sure how successful I was.  Just one more step on the way to blending.  Over all, I am pretty happy with the look and feel of the red. 

For the Vest, I am going to keep it black and highlight the areas with Shadowed Grey.  For the parts of the model that have the Menofix on it, I am going to do a Bleached Bone/White background with a black Menofix. I am also planning on doing up all the metals in gold and also painting the trim on the Hierophant’s vest gold as well. As far as the scroll cases go, I am not really sure if I am going to give them a metallic look or try for an aged wooden look.  I suppose I’ll paint whatever suits my fancy when the time comes.  

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