Monday, August 8, 2011

Square Cut MADNESS!!!!

It has been a week now since I have started working on the bases that I purchased from Dragon Forge. The clean up on the bases was done as soon as I got them, they had been washed, all the flash trimmed off, and ready for primer and so I did exactly that as soon as NorCon was over.

I have been putting in a few hours each night on the bases, primer’d the bases black, then painted them with a super thin coat of black to fill in any of the spaces that got missed in the cracks and crevasses (and man are there a lot of them). Just for chuckles, I even washed all the bases with Devlan Mud.

I then went in and separated all of the bases into two categories: ‘broken’ and ‘whole’ and then separated them again into like bases for the 20mm sizes. I did this so that I could avoid having each tiled base look the same. Well…I did this after I figured it would be a good idea to do this so that each tiled base wouldn’t look the same. Ah the joys of hindsight. There are a few bases that have the white tile (which is actually Astronomican Grey) that are in the same place but once the figures get put on them, I doubt anyone will be able to see them or really care. Once that got sorted out I just started the batch painting.

On the dirt sections of the broken tiles I went in with a basecoat of Bestial Brown, applied a heavy Devlan Mud wash, did a Graveyard Earth drybrush, and then the final layer was a light drybrush of Kommando Khaki.

All of the bases follow a similar pattern. Each of the 50mm bases have four ‘white’ tiles and four brown tiles, the 40mm bases have three ‘white’ tiles and three brown tiles, and the 20mm bases have a minimum of one ‘white’ and one brown tile but no more that two of either color. The rest of the tiles are painted with Adeptus Battlegrey and then a final highlight/drybrush of Rainy Grey (part of the Master Series Paints by Reaper) to add the weathered look to the tiles. I haven’t painted any arc markers on the bases yet but for all intents and purposes I have finished one base. I do need to go in and put down one final coat of black before I paint on the arc markers. I am pretty pleased with the results.

1 base down…46 more bases to go.

It is actually going pretty quickly. I put in two hours last night and finished putting down the Adeptus Battlegrey layer on last 50mm base and on all five of the 40mm bases. Once I am done posting to the blog tonight, I am going to try and finish at least 10 of the 20mm bases and then the real fun begins.

To say that this is a vast project, for me, is pretty accurate. It is fairly daunting but I plan to see it through to completion. When I have finished all of the bases, including arc makers; I get to work on Constance Blaize and her battlegroup. Now that has me excited.

I switched up her list a little bit since my initial post/announcement of what I was planning on doing. I still have Gallant in her battlegroup but I removed the Centurion (waiting on the plastic kit to release for this one) and have replaced it with an Iron Clad and a Lancer. Gallant is fairly focus efficient due to his Accumulator and on most turns will only need one or two additional focus to be fed to him The Iron Clad is a cheap-Cygnar-version-Beatstick Jack and with three focus just run it in, Tremor special attack, and then scrap something quick. The Lancer is in the battlegroup for the occasional use of the arc node and the much coveted reach weapon for the Sword Knights.

I am still deciding on how I want to paint up Constance and her battlegroup. Constance has this alabaster white armor…which while it looks great in the art work, I don’t think I am going to really like it on the fig, I am still up in the air about it and I may decide to challenge myself by trying something new again like I am doing with the Lamentors Space Marine Army. I am also debating on doing the brilliant silver look for her and her warjacks. I’ll start out with a darker metal like Boltgun Metal and then follow up with a Chainmail and have the final highlight of Mithril Silver. In between the Boltgun and Chainmail, I’ll probably toss in a Badab Black wash, thinned down of course, to add an additional layer of depth. I may or may not attempt the white on the warjacks but I am still having issues getting the whites to look smooth and not so chalky. As of this moment though I am leaning towards the gleaming metal look for the entire army; I did just watch Excalibur(1981 edition) and their gleaming suits of armor looked really damned sexy and have really gotten me psyched about doing this ‘knightly’ army.

On the flip side of the painting coin, I have decided on the 15pt list I am going to field for the Slow Grow Campaign I will be hosting down at the Armory and the Blindwater Congregation will be represented in all of its glory by Bloody Barnabas, a Blackhide Wrastler, an Ironback Spitter, and a Bull Snapper. Should be pretty fun and all I have to do is finish up the Ironback Spitter (which is already half way finished) and the 15pt list will be all painted up and ready to play!

So until next week folks…

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