Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dystopian Wars Goodness

I just realized that I forgot to make a post this week. So I am going to stick with the adage: Better late than never. I guess this past week was a bit busier than I thought. I finally quit Best Buy and have embarked full time upon my career as a pharmacy technician. I am hoping within a year or two to either be working for the VA or for one of the local hospitals. Any way on with the painting/review news…

Joel and I have gotten in a few games of Dystopian Wars. I really like it.

A: It is a naval warfare game (Land, Air, and Sea to be honest)
B: It was fairly easy to pick up for me and Joel, but keep in mind we are Veteran Tabletop Wargamers.
C: For me at least, it is something totally new

There are a few issues that have cropped up but both of us have looked at them and then make a decision that kept the game flowing. The lack of having clear deployment zones is a bit annoying but a quick search of the forums shows that most folks play with 6” to 8” deployment zones or as if your forces are just moving onto the table. Aside from having to wait a while to gain access to the forums, most of the rules questions that Joel and I have had were pretty easy to find on the forums and I have seen that the folks at Spartan Games are fairly quick to answer most questions that do get posted.

The game itself is dynamic in its nature. Both players roll a D6 and the player with the highest roll deploys one squadron, then the other player deploys…back and forth, back and forth, until all squadrons are deployed. Then both players roll a D6 and the player with the higher roll goes first. He activates his squadron, moves it, and then fires with that squadron. The next player goes and again it is back and forth, back and forth, until all squadrons have moved. When the next turn starts roll a D6 and again the player with the highest roll goes first. So the player who goes first each turn can possibly change.

Pretty awesome in my book.

Each unit has multiple guns and can fire them each activation; gunnery, torpedoes, bombs, mines, and rockets to name a few. Each squadron also has multiple counter measures to potentially lessen the hit from the attack. Ack Ack, Concussion Charges, Shield Generators, and more.

Again pretty damned awesome in my book.

I really am enjoying myself with Dystopian War. I have also started painting up my fleet. I magnetized all of the turrets (Standard & Energy Turrets) and the turret emplacement on all of my ships. I primered them black because I’ll be damned if I try to use white primer on those little buggers. I used Tin Bitz as the undercoat for all of metal on the ships and the tiny flyers and then I drybrushed over the Tin Bitz with Boltgun Metal. I then started in on the Tiny flyer bases. Man…15 bases with three tiny airplanes on each base = lots of tiny aeroplanes to paint. I’ll get some pictures up next week; I haven’t had a chance to snap any shots with the camera.

But…finishing my fleet will have to wait. I have sent out the info about the Slow Grow campaign that I am starting down at the Armory, and because I am running it, that means I have to get off my butt and paint up my Merc Force. Oh…and go ahead and /facepalm on me because I have decided to get rid of my Blindwater Congregation force after all. Yeah, I know…I said I wasn’t. Sorry. At any rate, I am going to work on my Merc list which stars Gorton Grundback and his Rhulic Warjacks, which I have honestly wanted to paint up for quite some time now. I’ll start working on Gorton Grundback and his battlegroup tomorrow.

Next week, I will have pictures of both the Dystopian Wars stuff that I have been working on and also my progress on Gorton and Co.

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