Monday, July 11, 2011

The lazy end

There comes a time at the end of painting every model , I mean right near the end where there are just a few things left to paint to finish the model up…where I just can’t wait to finish the model so I can move on to the next one. This time, at the end of a painting a model, however is not a good time for me; I get super lazy and don’t want to work on said current model anymore because my brain has already started in on the next model.

I am at that point now with the Death Company…with three death company models actually. Most of the work is finished. I just need to do up the tear-drops and blood vials, touch up the weapons, and do the flock. I also have to do the freehand work on the shoulder pads. It sounds like a lot of work but in reality it is a few hours and I can call it good.

I just don’t want to finish them; I want to get started on painting up Constance Blaize and her Army of Light. I have taken the first step and ordered all of the required bases from (around 45ish or so) and I am waiting for them to come in. I figure I have about 10 days then to finish up the Death Company for the Badab War Campaign that a friend of mine is doing for our local gaming convention up here in little ol’Redding before the sexy new bases come in and I completely forget about painting up Death Company for a while.

I don’t have the motivation though, so I suppose I need to find it and fast. I’ll work on them tonight of course and I’ll grumble about painting them but I will work on them. Stupid me and painting deadlines, I never quite manage to stick to them, no matter how many I set.

Just a short post, need to actually sit down at paint…looks like I found my motivation.

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