Monday, March 5, 2012

So a Space Marine Terminator walks into a bar...

To Lightning Claw or Not to Lightning Claw, that is the question. 

I have been eyeballing my Terminators now for a few weeks and I just can’t decide if I want to equip them with the dual lightning claws or if I want to go for the Storm Shield & Thunderhammer Combo.  That sweet 3+ Invul save equals a whole lot of survivability but my boys are Lamenters and Lightning Claws really ginsu up the enemy infantry when coupled with the Black Rage (or a Sanguinary Priest) and a Chaplin…did I ever tell you guys how much I really enjoy fielding Chaplins.  Cause I do…a lot…almost OCD/Stalker kind of a lot.  Moving on…  

So hard to decide, I think I am leaning more towards the lightning claws just because it will capitalize on the infantry killing hate that the Black Rage confers.  I guess I will just have to protect them by stuffing them inside a Land Raider Crusader or Storm Raven and speeding them across the battle field. 

Which leads into another great thing that came in the P.A.C.K. Air showed up today!!!  I am again impressed by how great the products from Battlefoam are!  I put my Storm Raven, Land Raider Crusader, 10 Terminators, 20+ Space Marines, a Rhino, and some other odds and ends into the bag and it is still mostly empty.  I have another heavy Warjack Tray that I will be putting my Searforge stuff into and I will also use it to transport most of the Searforge Commission army back and forth as well.  As you can see in the picture, there is tons of space left over and eventually I shall fill it with one army or another.  Oh and yes I do intended to own another Storm Raven, just tossing that one out there. The folks at Battlefoam know what they are doing because both the Land Raider and Storm Raven fit very snug in the foam.  

I love these things!  And moving on…again

Joel over at ‘Brush Zealot’ got me thinking about how many projects I have up and running currently.  A touch of background first; while the gaming group was up at Joel’s house playing in ‘Retreat Condition’ Jon’s D20 Modern Game I saw him working on a post about what projects he currently has going and I liked his idea so much that I am going to steal it, convert it to the dark side, and make it my own.  Here is a list of models currently in progress.

Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antartica Naval Battlegroup, Fleet Carrier, and others (whistles innocently while looking around)
Infinity: Militant Order (PanOceania)
Warhammer 40k: Assault Squad, Tactical Squad, Rhino, Assault Terminator Squad, Land Raider Crusader, Storm Raven, Terminator Librarian, Terminator Chaplin
Warmachine/Hordes: … Way too many to list folks, so I am not going to even try. 

In order to slowly whittle down my list of uncompleted projects, I did do some painting this weekend.  I am just about finished with the Covenant of Antartica Naval Battlegroup for Dystopian Wars.  All I need to do know is add a touch of Boltgun to a few select parts on nine Diogenes Class Frigates and finish up my tiny flyers and I am finished with the Battlegroup.  Once the battle group is finished the only model that I am ‘required’ to have painted up by NorCon 2012 is the Fleet Carrier.  The Prometheus Class Dreadnought, the six Icarus Class Flyers, the six Plutarch Class Destroyers, and the six Galan Class escorts will have to wait for another time. 

What I really need to do is work on my Assault Marines but since I am this close to finishing up my CoA Naval Battle Group that I am just going to grind it out.  I have two more Assault Marines to base coat and then I will just paint up each model individually since I kit bashed together the squad from an Assault Marines Box and a Death Company Box, lots of little bits and dangly pieces on the models, so batch painting at that point is pretty much out of the question.  The only other thing I need to paint once I get all of the Assault Marines painted up is the Jumppacks and then I get to move on to air brushing a Rhino.  Which speaking of air brushing, I just got my air brush back up and running and fully plan to utilize it to base coat stuff from here on out, especially the 40k stuff.

So now that Scotty will quit complaining =) I am signing off for another week of modeling (which I have been doing a lot of lately), painting, and gaming.  Have a good week and enjoy what ever gaming you do get to do!


  1. That Battlefoam bag looks really nice.. I will need to take a closer look at that bad boy. THe trouble with taking time to paint our figs, is that we actually want them to be treated well in transit, and keep the paint job we so carefully gave them!

  2. I am going to put a list up of all the stuff i am working on there is so muchbut i will get it up for you guys. i love that all the painters are posting about all the projects we all have.

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  3. All the foam fits super snug and there is little movement of the figures when it is all zipped up. It is well worth the money that I spent on it. I am going to use the Dreadknight cut-out to house dice, templates, tape measures and tokens...since I have no intention of actually buying a Dreadknight, I figured I might as well use the space for something. Waste not, want not =)

  4. ok here is a list of my eldar army. if you guys want you can post your stuff on my forums. the forums are for all painters

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